Art, Fashion and Candy: Meet Artist Raul Gonzalez

Art, Fashion and Candy: Meet Artist Raul Gonzalez

There is no doubt that the merging of art and fashion is happening in San Antonio. It’s happening all over the city and it’s catching on within the art community and the fashion community, as well. I recently sat down with local Artist Raul Gonzalez to talk about this emerging trend, his aspirations in fashion and his upcoming show.


Artist Raul Gonzalez


SLTV: Tell us a little bit about what you do.
RG: Full time visual artist. Most of my work is in painting and drawing, and collage. Also work with printmaking, installations, video art, performance art, dance.
Planning to incorporate more music. Currently teaching self to play trumpet, will start DJing soon, and hope to start my own clothing line within the next year.

SLTV: When did you discover your talent?
RG: I started drawing at age 7. Realized I was good at drawing and being creative around age 15. At that age, I was also equally interested in becoming a good dancer. For a while, I wanted to be a backup dancer in music videos. Now, I incorporate dancing as a part of my practice. For me, [dancing] it’s almost like an extension of my painting. All the energy that I create through my painting, I have that energy inside me too, so I want to express it through dancing. I feel like when I dance, it’s almost like creating a painting within a space.

SLTV: What inspires you?
RG: I am inspired by everything, spending days with my 8 month old daughter, my hometown Houston, art history, fashion, pop culture, current events, color, and so on. I follow a lot of fashion designers, too, like on Instagram and social media, like Maison Valentino and Dior, and others. Their designs give me ideas, too, like how stylists and designers do layering with clothing, it makes me rethink how I can do different types of layering within my paint.

SLTV: What is the piece or show you’re most proud of?
RG: The show I’m most proud of is the CAM Perennial group exhibition at the Museo Guadalupe. The show is titled Move Me and is up until May 20. It’s 3 different installations that incorporate painting, performance and video. I feel like its my most mature work to date.

SLTV: How does fashion influence your art?
RG: Quite a bit. I feel like fashion and art speak about how cultures evolve and change. Fashion can create new “norms” and so can painting. I like how some designers take risks with new lines of clothing. Art is all about risk.

SLTV: Describe your personal style.
RG: It’s a combination of street + preppy + comfort + not giving a damn.

SLTV: How do you feel your personal image reflects on your success?
RG: I think being confident is how I reflect success. I also think being well dressed is a way to show off confidence.

SLTV: What do you think of the merging of fashion and art occurring in San Antonio?
RG: There’s a lot going on. I see a lot of stylists and designers working together with artists doing a lot of collaborations. I see fashion shows combined with paintings as a backdrop. I think it’s good to see that and hopefully it continues to grow.

SLTV: Tell us about your upcoming show.
RG: The next show I have coming up is called Dulce. It’s 2 different bodies of work. A lot of the audience that visits the Guadalupe is interested in seeing the cultural side of visual art. One of the bodies of work I started about 4 years ago, and it’s Mexican Pop Art composed of giant candy. Using those images is a way to show my pride, but at the same it’s an educational piece about avoiding the sweets all together. As Latin-Americans, we love our sweets, but we don’t really NEED all these sweets… (laughs) So, the second part of the show, is more about being a new dad and being a stay at home father. It is difficult, but there are so many sweet moments with my daughter. I have these sweet candies and then I have these sweet moments that I want to depict. I want to show how the same imagery can be approached in 2 totally different ways.


His exhibition, Dulce, opens on May 21st at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center and will run through July 22nd. Don’t miss the Opening on Thursday, where he will be cutting cake like painting for guests upon request. For information on this show visit the Facebook event or Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center.

You can find his pieces available for purchase at or email at [email protected] for studio visits.

**Raul at his home studio wearing the Mr. Playlist outfit he created for his last performance piece**



























You can also find Raul on Social Media
Twitter: werkin_artist

Instagram: werkin_artistraulgonzalez

Soundcloud: Mr Playlist

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