Fashion Diva Couture Glams up San Antonio: Catch Up with Grecia Dilley!

Fashion Diva Couture Glams up San Antonio: Catch Up with Grecia Dilley!


The Glam scene in San Antonio is being lead by one ultra glamorous woman. Grecia Dilley is paving the way one bandage dress at a time and we are loving it! From fashion shows, to charity events she is the go to person for affordable yet sexy glam style. Women all over the city are seeking something different and Grecia is here to provide a shopping experience that is personalized and unique. See what she has to say about this growing trend!


Grecia Dilley at her Showroom office

SLTV: How did you get started with Fashion Diva Couture?
GD: I left my banking job, I was a loan officer, and I wanted to do something that I loved. So, I contacted a friend from Chicago who was doing the same thing, and she gave the contact to start buying dresses, mainly for me and maybe sell it to my friends. Then I thought, “Why not expand?” So, I decided to invest on a website, a huge shipment and organized my first small fashion show at Maroc. I ran my business from my home and had clients come over. People started recommending me to their friends and before I knew it, I had a big clientele!

SLTV: How did you start getting involved in Fashion Shows?
GD: My first big fashion show was Glam it Up SA! and that was the event that really opened me up to more clients. I really do love the shows, but for me it’s about the community and helping charities. Yes, people love to see the clothes on the runway and when they own the piece to able to say “Oh, yes, I got it right off the runway”, but the community in San Antonio is also very giving, so working with charities is definitely a passion of mine. It’s funny because there’s a lot of work that goes behind these shows, and I always say that I’ll let about a year pass between shows, but someone always calls me with another production, before I know it, there’s a new show coming up every 3 months. I love the shows, they keep me busy and I get to meet new people!

SLTV: Fashion Diva Couture’s signature style is the bandage dress. Why bandage?
GD: I chose to work with bandage because I knew San Antonio needed something different. I wanted these dresses for myself and there really was no one in SA carrying them, except BCBG, maybe BEBE, sometimes Guess and of course at high end department stores that are priced in the thousands. What I personally didn’t like was that they came in limited styles and limited colors. Also, every girl had the same dress because the options were limited!

SLTV: How do think San Antonio women react to this particular style?
GD: At first a lot of women who I speak to think that the dress might be too tight or too restricting. Or they think they might not look good because they’re not a model, but I tell them that it’s not the case at all. This dress shapes you and pulls everything in, even accentuates the waistline and contours your body because it has a built-in shaper. I do have other clothing options because I also believe in variety. We have rompers and some boho looks, but my biggest sellers are definitely the bandage dress. If they’re going to an event, party or gala they call me saying “I need a dress, and I want to look fabulous”. Another reason why they do come to me is because of the exclusivity. I don’t carry a lot of the same style, and I won’t order the same dress more than a couple of times. Sometimes I’ll only order one and never again to avoid repeats. They love to know that they won’t find someone else at the same party with the same dress. SA women are looking for something different and unique; that’s what we provide.

SLTV: How do you see the growth of the fashion community in San Antonio?
GD: I see a rapid growth. I think that the newer, younger generation is doing wonderful things! I love the work that Style Lush TV is doing. Bloggers are also stepping out, going to fashion shows and promoting new upcoming designers. They’re getting people to see what’s out there besides going to the mall and supporting local shops and boutiques. I’m a firm believer of the #shoplocal movement and helping the local business women (and men). By buying from them, you’re helping the fashion community grow strong. Otherwise, you’ll have everyone buying from the big stores only and they’d be all wearing the same thing. How boring! I really do think that people are opening their minds to something different. Maybe at first people have a hard time adjusting to something new and then they find out they have a taste for it and they want to try it again. Also, there weren’t a lot of events to dress up for in San Antonio, which is probably the reason why people usually dress so laid back. Recently, there’s been a growth of many more events like Fashion Week, fashion shows by designers and boutiques, my own shows as well, and I see that now people have more of a reason to dress up. We have so much potential and we haven’t even tapped into it. I think we should not give up. Continue to support new upcoming artists, designers, boutiques and shop local. That’s how you’re going to keep the community moving forward, that way this helps the city grow as well. It goes hand in hand. That’s the main reason why I like to give back to the community by way of charity driven events.

SLTV: Describe your personal style.
GD: Glamorous, elegant and “Bling Bling”. My theme is “Never miss a chance to sparkle”! I like to be different and I like to shock people. I celebrate my body, in a classy way of course. I love that when I walk in a room people turn and say “Oh, what is she wearing? I like it!”

SLTV: What is in the future for Fashion Diva Couture?
GD: I plan on working on the online store. I already have potential clients that have reached out to me from Houston, Dallas and even California. I think that going online will take my brand to a more global platform. I also have a series of mini events that will lead to one major event. This will be my biggest show yet, so stay tuned!


Let’s journey back to our beginnings and relive our GLAM IT UP SA Episode with Grecia!
Grecia Dilley

**All of Fashion Diva Couture dresses are available at Grecia’s showroom BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Make sure to set up your personalized shopping experience before your next fashion event! Visit her Facebook page for more contact information at Fashion Diva**

*Photo Credits: Axiom Foto by Ternell Washington*

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