Style Lush TV is a big fan of ESSENTIALS STUDIO! We reported on them last October and introduced you to this incredibly talented and unique team. Well, folks they’re at it again and seriously, you are not going to want to miss this!

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Fabian Villa (seen in the center) of ESSENTIALS reached out to us to keep us posted on their latest fashion film assignment for his Photography Mastered Class. Because being able to create a moving image piece is a fundamental skill for fashion photographers today, this assignment was designed for the artist to experiment beyond stills. This project encourages the artist to reflect on his or her vision and identity, and create a moving image piece that represents them as much as the pictures.

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In addition to this assignment, SHOWstudio is running a fashion film competition this month. ESSENTIALS STUDIO has submitted this finished fashion film for the competition. What SHOWstudio is looking for is

“someone bold, showing personality through their work and who can take risks and define this new medium.”

We think ESSENTIALS has this competition in the bag. Soundtracked by local band, Calico Club and their song called “Keep it Moving“, this fashion film features avant-garde fashion and exotic fantasy in a way that only ESSENTIALS can bring it!

Fashion Inspiration for the Video

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After ESSENTIALS STUDIO completes this brief, they will also be able to enter the SHOWstudio Fashion Film Awards in collaboration with QIC Global Real Estate. We are so proud to feature this local talent and their work on Style Lush TV! Check out the Fashion Film (asap), then follow them on all their social media.

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Note From the Director: Fabian Villa

My friend Dru Acosta, a young stylist and fashion design student visited me over the holidays with his boyfriend Omar Cisneros, another young talented design student. They were visiting Austin from Los Angeles. My roommates and I were in the middle of moving into a new house. Dru and Omar stayed with us 3 days and helped us move, clean, and create a fashion film. My friends Calico Club wrote the song called Keep it Moving. This was our motto over the holidays and I thought this song would make a great fashion film. I could see a video of a character transforming into another. Dru thought it would be great to shave his head on camera and we thought this would help tie in all the characters. We were aiming for a neon underground aesthetic, a phrase I heard from my friends Calico Club describing their music. I thought it’d be great to create a neon underground fashion film. We shared references with our creative team. Dru and Omar gathered materials and were really creative about their looks using anything they could get with limited time and cash. We shot at our new home with a white backdrop and projections. Sixto Zavala is my friend and roommate who did the projections. Fabian Diaz drove in from San Antonio to help us with hair and makeup. Steven, Nina, and I shot on DSLR cameras and my girlfriend Misa shot with an Iphone and prism for extra footage of colored layers. We shot on Dec 30, finished editing on Jan 4 and submitted to the SHOWSTUDIO fashion film competition. It was a great experience to shoot over the holidays with good friends and I feel lucky that this film worked out in time. I love the creative playground my friends and I put together in our new space. Looking forward to the next project. Keep it moving!

CREATIVE TEAM: Director: Fabian Villa // Creative Director: Dru Acosta // Art Director: Omar Cisneros-Nunez // Music: “Keep it moving” by Calico Club // Styling: Dru Acosta, Omar Cisneros-Nunez, Kaidon Ho // Hair and Makeup: Fabian Diaz // Location: Essentials Studio (from San Antonio) in Austin, Texas // Photography: Fabian Villa, Nina Hawkins, Steven Casanova, Misa Yamamoto

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