Motorcycles, Cowboys and Colt’s 10 Style tips for Men!

Motorcycles, Cowboys and Colt’s 10 Style tips for Men!

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On any given night of the week, you might see me out and about in the city, either Southtown, Downtown or the St. Mary’s Strip. On a not so particular night I was out at hi-tones when a group of bikers strolled up and parked. Naturally I wanted to get pictures of their style and from there, we just hit it off. During conversation, turned out that one of them (Colt) was about to launch an apparel brand. We exchange info and awaited the invite.

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Colt Wrangler Co. is partnered with Richter Goods, a local favorite of ours for their quality and dedication to keeping it “Texas Made”. On this particular night we ventured out to Broadway News, Headquarters for Richter Goods and partook in the celebration of Colt’s bike unveiling and the launch of his apparel brand. While we were their we got the first scoop on his new venture, how motorcycles, cowboys and Texas influence his brand and we also asked him to give us his Top 10 Style Tips for Men. Catch the list below and watch the awesome interview with Colt above. We are really rooting for this company to succeed. Support your local businesses and follow them on social media

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Colt Wrangler’s Top 10 Style Tips for Men

10. “Wear something you can wear from day to night.

Be as stylish at work as you would be when you go out.”

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Image courtesy of Colt's Facebook

9. “Wear something as functional as it is fashionable.

If it looks great but doesn’t serve a purpose, well, I don’t know, that’s just not my style.”

8. “Don’t be scared to show your roots.

You know like, show off  where you come from. Whatever you wear make it legitimately you. What you do. Who you are. Like… I wear a shop rag at work, but I also wear a shop rag when I go out… you know, cause it’s part of my culture, it’s part of my roots.”

Image courtesy of Colt's Facebook

7. “I feel like hats are really essential.

All of the time. I have stacks of hats.”

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Image courtesy of Colt's Facebook

6. “Bandanas.

Weather you wear it in your pocket or your neck… Or around your hair… Bandanas are super versatile.”

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Image courtesy of Colt's Facebook

5. “If you get a pair of boots, you should at least wear the soles out twice.

First, of all, if you’re gonna buy boots, don’t settle, buy quality. You need to have a good enough quality boot that you can have them resoled. See, you buy a boot to get the job done. Otherwise it’s all fake. A real boot will last you ten or more years. If you’re gonna wear boots wear real boots.”

4. “The thrift store is your best friend.

I have found so many things at the thrift store.”

3. “Every guy should carry a knife. Period.

Mine is cowboy style cause that’s your culture.”


2. “Don’t be scared to mix styles.

Like, for instance I’ll wear a western pearl wrangler snap shirt, with rock n roll skinny jeans and skater high top vans and it all works together. I love snap shirts cause they are great for tall slender guys . I can work in those shirts. I weld in them and that same day I go out in them. Oh and the Vans. Vans aren’t necessarily cowboy or biker but, Vans are good with everything. I’ll wear my vans a lot. High top vans are bad ass for riding bikes too. They keep you from burning your ankles on the exhaust.

and 1. Guys. Don’t give a fuck what other guys think.

I’ll literally see see clowns walk by and laugh at me and I just don’t care. I’m me. I’m gonna stay true to who I am.  At the same time that those guys are laughin though, their girls will be looking at me for a while… hahaha… Na, but all that aside, my style has opened a lot of doors for me. Being too stylish can be a struggle for a guy in San Antonio, but I don’t you give a fuck. It’s me.

Style 2
Image courtesy of Colt's Facebook


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