MUA Spotlight: Meet Rockstar MUA, Jax Roberson!

MUA Spotlight: Meet Rockstar MUA, Jax Roberson!

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Note from Style Contributor Jeanelly Concepcion:
I’ve been following Jax Roberson’s work via social media and in publications very closely for a little over a year now. I find her work to be amazing and incredibly artistic. I won’t lie, when I met her in person I was a bit starstruck as if I’d met a huge rockstar! Jax has worked with so many local and international talents and has managed to stay humble and true to her hometown of San Antonio. It’s truly wonderful to have such incredibly talented Artists in the city I call home!


SLTV: Tell us about yourself! How long have you been working as a Make-up Artist?
Jax Roberson: I have been making a living as a professional makeup artist for 17 years.

SLTV: How did you get started in the Beauty Industry?
JR: I began my career a little differently than most MUA’s. While pursuing a degree in Philosophy at UT in Austin I began working for a makeup company part time, traveling to retailers doing makeup in store. I always loved to paint, sketch, mold, it was my hobby but never did I dream I could be a paid artist in any way. I worked my way up the ladder, eventually working beside Ross Burton (Oprah’s makeup artist) and then with Laura Mercier (the name sake of the luxury cosmetic company). I spent a decade working for Laura Mercier, traveling all over the country doing makeup, teaching clients and other artists. Ultimately I traveled abroad where I then met my American husband, stationed in England with the AF, serendipity. Eventually I left the company to work for myself after my son was born. A few years later, my second baby JAX Studio was born.

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SLTV: What inspires you?
What inspires me?! What a fabulous question, but so hard to give a finite answer for. Beautiful skin, geodes, patina’ copper, wet color bleeding on thick paper stock, geometry, the circulatory system. Am I answering this correctly? Lol


SLTV: Which Hollywood star or Musician is your muse?
JR: Hmmmmm, is it safe to say none? I’m more inspired by Iris Apfel, Alex Box, the late Ann Richards, they made so much more of an impact on me. Hollywood feels too plastic and the concept of each person is so intangible, and they seem just like their characters, fictitious.

SLTV: What are your favorite Beauty trends for 2016?
JR: Ok, here’s an easy answer! Metallics! Rose gold pigment wet and washed on the lips, golds and coppers layered on an eyelid, pearl highlighters, contrasted by matte sunken cheeks, deep smoked liner…. Oh I can go on and on!


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SLTV: What are you Make-up/Fashion Do’s?
JR: Do- take good care of your skin! It’s a canvas, the texture of your skin determines everything for an artist or for that 15 minute face before the office. Exfoliate, use glycolic acid and enzyme cleansers to bring the dead skin up and off the top, leaving fresh glowing skin and lessens the appearance of pores and fine lines.

SLTV: What are you Make-up/Fashion don’ts? 
JR: Don’t contour your face everyday. Please. Leave it for photography, or for nights out on the town. And if you don’t know for sure how to do it, please seek professional help! Lol


SLTV: What other tips or advice can you give us when it comes to applying our own make-up?
JR: Tight line the upper eyeline: take a liquid liner (waterproof) or a pencil and run it along the upper lash line from underneath. It thickens the lash line and opens the eye. Shadow base: I prefer an opaque product in a flesh tone. It cancels out reds and blues on the lid, veins and even missed eyebrow hairs while providing a clean lid, prevents liner transfer, shadow creasing and keeps everything on ensuring a longer wear and truer shadow color! Tinted lip balm is your best friend when you don’t have a mirror in front of you! Fresh’s Sugar lip treatment and SPF in Rose is my all time favorite, looks awesome on ABSOLUTELY Everyone!

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SLTV: What events/Fashion shoots/Publications have you done make-up for?
JR: Here we go.. last 2 years

Season 13, 14 and upcoming 15 of Project Runway Finale for New York Fashion Week Makeup Design and Direction, as well as team coordinator for Ferrari Fashion Week Project Runway Stars Show at SAFW June 2015

Neiman Marcus Fall Fashion show (you were there, wink wink ? )

2016 Event: grand opening of Henry B Gonzales known as: Imaginacio de la Noche

Makeup Design, artist lead and artist co-ordinator
Anne Fullenwider : Editor and Chief of Marie Claire Magazine for SxSW

Hill Country Weddings
SA Monthly (April Ancira) Sept 2015 SA Monthly (Karen Grace) April 2015

“Winter” with Nain Leon
Beau Nu April 2015
And Mystica Magazine Jan 2016

Compilation with Natalia King Beaux Couture Jan 2016

Raven Red
Beau Nu March 2015

Rebel Ronnie “Red roses”
Beau Nu Feb 2015

Commercial Photoshoots: Gurinsky’s Jewelers Ancira
CE Group
SAS Shoes
Vision Works
Tobin Center

Private work:
April Ancira
Janet Gurwitch (founder of Laura Mercier cosmetics)
Karen Katz (president of Neiman Marcus)
Neva Hall (previous VP of Neiman Marcus)
The family of the late Lady Bird and President Johnson (early 2000’s)

SLTV: What do think the future holds for the Fashion Community in San Antonio?
JR: As long as all the fabulous people on the scene keep doing fabulous things, keep pushing the envelope and stay outside of the “box”, I think SA can get on the national fashion “map” in no time!


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