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The San Antonio fashion community are busy bees this season, traveling, working, collaborating, creating. It has been so rewarding seeing the growth and development of our fashion scene recently, especially when the accolades and recognition come after the San Antonio Fashion Awards.

Very recently, while scrolling through Facebook, we came across a post that made us smile ear to ear. San Antonio Fashion Awards, Model of the Year, Ashanti Nicole has appeared in Vogue! Ashanti, whose mother agency is The Agency Model & Talent, owned by Lari Nelson, can be seen right now, in Vogue Italia Online in a beautiful diptych inspired photograph entitled Vanilla.


Freddy Camargo, a local photographer here in San Antonio is the man behind this incredible opportunity. We caught up with the local talent as well as fashion royalty, Ashanti Nicole, to learn more about the collaboration and bring some inspiration to anyone aspiring to follow in their footsteps.

Department for Culture and Creative Development

SLTV: Freddy, How long have you been a photographer?
FC: I have been shooting for about 12 years now.  I did some light film photography during my Army days, but not until a move to California did I really put creative efforts into it. I suppose my first and always objects were plants. Plants and I get along quite well. Portraits came at a later stage with confidence and a little camera experience.  I really think I’ve only tapped about 25% of my creative ideas, photography is just one of them. 

SLTV: What do you think makes a great fashion editorial photograph?
FC: That is a tough one as photography is so subjective to ones eyes.  I think natural, candid, free, if your wearing a pair of in style slacks for a shoot, then wear as if you own them.  Attitude, attitude!!!

SLTV: What was the inspiration behind the photoshoot you did with Ashanti? (the one that made it in Vogue)
FC: Ashanti is an all around inspiration, that specific concept called Vanilla was a collaboration with Montage Style & MUA Susan Ward Brooks. The shots are part of a lookbook set and we set our standards high. Vogue Italia online is opening up doors for many talents and I will continue to submit to them. 


SLTV: Those are some incredible names to work with. We are obsessed with Montage and absolutely love Susan’s work. They are both so talented.
What advice can you give to any aspiring photographers out there? What should they look for in their “first camera”? (We get this question a lot, would love for an expert to chime in)  

FC: Advice for inspiring photographers – be open, always explore, take critique well and have inspiration.  First cameras – something simple, I look at cameras as an extension of my arm, learn that extension first and then build up a stronger arm with updated camera gear later.  Personally I still shoot with an older Nikon body and will probably continue. 

SLTV: What projects are you currently working on? What can we expect to come our way from Freddy Camargo? 
FC: Currently I am back at illustrations & graphic design, working as an Art Director I need to keep my chops up to skill.  I have yet to really exhibit locally except for Nocturna Studios.  I would like to get back to exhibiting, perhaps mixed media sets showing photography & paintings.  I admire exploring emotion, but in some form of abstract or deconstruction.  I suppose beauty is in all forms, even in disassembly.  Vogue Italia, and a new project called The Bus Riders will be focuses for 2017.


SLTV: Ashanti, What has life been like since you won Model of the Year at the San Antonio Fashion Awards?
AN: Life since I’ve won Model of the Year has been amazing! I’m so thankful to be blessed with such an amazing title, I still get congratulated, which is such an amazing feeling. 


SLTV: What was it like to work with Freddy Camargo?
AN: I’ve worked with Freddy a couple of times and each time I have so much fun, he’s such an amazing photographer and has such an amazing spirt all together, I enjoy working with him a lot. 

SLTV: What was it like to see your face in Vogue?
AN: Okay, so when I saw my face in Vogue I was on my way to school with a friend, and I just kind of screamed “oh my gosh!” And freaked out a lot! So for the rest of the day I was in school telling EVERYONE I was in Vogue, which is something I normally don’t do. 🙂 

See the original post in Vogue Italia here

SLTV: What advice can you give to aspiring models who want to do what you have done?
AN: Some advice I can give to aspiring models is to always stay positive and don’t let anyone tell you, “you can’t”, also remember that you’re beautiful and your journey isn’t anyone else’s journey, so don’t look at anyone else’s career and get discouraged.

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View More of Freddy Camargo’s work in the gallery below and be sure to follow him on social media.

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