How To Write A Press Release, with Michael Quintanilla

How To Write A Press Release, with Michael Quintanilla


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A great press release is always on trend! We receive a lot of emails daily and while it’s a wonderful thing to read about all the fantastic things our fashion community is doing, sometimes, we do not receive everything we need to help you get the word out. That’s where knowledge on how to write a great press release comes in.

Now we realize not everyone has a PR department to help them write these professional (and extremely helpful) tools. A good press release spearheads a successful marketing and promotion campaign for whatever it is you want to get the word out about. So, as Style Lush TV is on a continual mission to help our fashion community grow in positive ways, we have partnered with local fashion news icon, Michael Quintanilla to show you how to send us a well written press release. Take this education and special tips from a pro and go forth with confidence.


Formats and templates vary, but my favorite press releases look very similar to this, so we will use this as a basic example.

1. Top of the page: Left Hand Corner: Contact Info | Right Hand Corner: Release Date. Usually it’s immediate. 

2. A great Headline Title, bolded

3. A Subtitle that tells a bit more information about the headline title

4. Your Brief: The most important part of your release. Keep it One Page, write it the way an editor or reporter would write it. Classic Tip, your Brief Should Answer the Following, Who, What, Where, When, Why and How? ALWAYS make it editable, meaning do not make it a PDF where an online editor can not copy/paste/edit the brief elsewhere. These days, online media is so busy, they will not sit there and retype your entire press release all over again on their platforms. They simply do not have the time and you run the risk of them skipping over your release. What they do have time for is a copy/paste/edit of your press release. So make sure it’s either formatted professionally in the body of the email (my favorite) or a word doc attachment. If not a word doc, any other editable format will do. (Including the release in both the body of the email and as an attachment is also great.) 

5. About section: On the very bottom of your press release include an About section. It will tell the recipient of the press release information about the main entity, event, charity, person, business etc. in the press release. Think of it sort of like a mini bio about the main entity of your press release. And what’s up with that strange line of pound signs (no, they are not hashtags youngsters) on the bottom of the page Burg? Well, guys, those simply communicate to me (or any other recipient of your press release) that the press release is complete will not longer have any more copy to read. (What’s “Copy” Burg? “Copy” is simply a fancy word for “verbiage” or “words”)

6. Please always include at least Three, High Resolution Photos. Always make sure you have the correct permissions to use these photos as these are the photos that will be used. If your photographer wants credit, always make sure to include that information so that we can properly tag this talent. Also, if it is an event, attach an additional Digital Flyer that can be used on social media and on our fashion events calendar.


Refer to our latest Style Lush TV episode above to gain even more tips on how to take your press release to the next level. He reiterates a few basics and then elaborates on how to get the attention of your reporter or online editor. Get your paper and pencil ready because these are all great tips from a pro and will serve you well as you move forward in your career. Good Luck and keep sending us those Press Releases! We love our fashion community!

Michael’s Points 1 through 5! 😉

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