Tata Harper Returns to San Antonio Sharing Her Summer Skincare Tips!

Tata Harper Returns to San Antonio Sharing Her Summer Skincare Tips!

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Colombian born, luxury skincare guru, Tata Harper was back in San Antonio for her most relaxing Masterclass yet. Hosted by Neiman Marcus at the serene Loma de Vida Spa, attendees experienced her entire skincare routine featuring some of her recently released products, now available at Neiman Marcus. I had a chance to try out the products myself and once again, I’m completely in love with the results left on my skin. I sat down with Tata for an interview, overlooking the amazing view the La Cantera Resort has to offer. We were so comfortable and relaxed that we ended up talking in Spanish the entire time! Tata shared her top 10 Beauty Trends and Tips for Summer 2017 in English and Español:

1. Dry Weather Skincare / Cuidado para la piel en clima seco

Tata recommends a product that isn’t heavy or goopy if your skin tends to tighten or has dryness during the warm weather. She recommends the Hydrating Floral Essence, which is available in a spray, and can be applied throughout the day without affecting your makeup.

Tata recomienda productos hidratantes que no sean fuertes ni pesados si tu piel se tiende a resecar en climas calientes y secos. Ella nos recomienda las esencias como su Hydrating Floral Essence, el cual se puede aplicar varias veces al día en forma de spray sin afectar el maquillaje.

2. Daily Routine / Rutina Diaria

Tata’s daily routine is practically a ritual. She’s a working mother of 3, with a very busy schedule, yet her beauty routine is set for her nightly “me” time. She’s a big fan of the double cleanse, using an oil cleanser to remove makeup followed by a cleanser to remove toxins and environmental stressors. Then, she applies her essences, serums, eye cream, and hydrators all over her face, neck and décolletage.

La rutina diaria de Tata es prácticamente un ritual. Ella es madre de 3, con un estilo de vida muy ocupado, sin embargo, ella no deja de tener su rutina de belleza, no importa qué. Ella es muy fanática de la limpieza doble, utilizando una limpiadora de aceite para remover el maquillaje seguido de un limpiador para remover toxinas y estresantes ambientales. Luego, ella se aplica las esencias, sueros, crema de ojos e hidratantes para la cara hasta el cuello y escote.

3. Weekly Care / Cuidado Semanal

Once a week, Tata enjoys a mini spa day at home where she applies face masks, several serums at a time, and hydrating masks. She recommends you massage your skin thoroughly while applying these products.

Una vez por semana, Tata se regala un tiempo para ella en donde se aplica varias mascarillas, sueros, etc. Ella recomienda que te masajées la piel mientras te relajas con los hidratantes.

4. Monthly Facials / Faciales Mensuales

If your skin is dry or extremely oily, she recommends you get a monthly facial including a peel. Of course, seek a skin professional to give you recommendations on what’s best for your skin type.

Si tienes la piel muy reseca o extremadamente grasa, ella recomienda un facial mensual, incluyendo un “peel”. Claro está, debes pedirle a tu profesional de estética lo que mejor que te conviene según tu tipo de piel.


5. Jade Roller

She loves it! Tata uses it all the time, especially at night. It helps stimulate circulation and products penetrate better, too.

Le encantan! Tata lo utiliza a cada rato por las noches. Ayuda a estimular la circulación de la piel y a los productos penetrar.

6. Copper Smokey Eye / Maquillaje de ojos color cobre

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7. Natural Looking Eyebrows /  Cejas Naturales

She prefers the eyebrow look that doesn’t show harsh lines and not too filled in.

Ella prefiere cejas con la líneas menos demarcadas y más naturales.


8. Barely There Makeup / Maquillaje al Natural

She tends to stay away from the heavy makeup look, personally. She says we can surely show our bare skin when we take care of it properly.

Ella tiende a mantenerse alejada de maquillaje fuerte y personalmente evita la base. “Me encanta cuando las mujeres tienen su piel natural y la muestran. Y realmente se ve que se preocupan por su piel.”

9. Food for Beauty / Comidas para la Belleza

“Did you know that your skin consumes one third of the food you ingest?”, Tata asked me. She suggest we eat foods rich in Beta Carotene, which help stimulate collagen. She recommends we eat more peaches, melons, carrots, sunflower seeds, fish for Omega 3 and algae.

“Sabes que tu piel piel consume un tercio de la comida que ingieres?”, me pregunta Tata. Ella sugiere comidas ricas en Beta Carotene, lo cual estimula el colágeno en la piel. Nos recomienda que consumamos comidas como duraznos, melons, zanahorias, semillas de girasol, pescado para Omega 3 y algas. 

10. Supplements / Suplementos

She highly recommends we take supplements that have flax seeds if you do not wish to consume fish. She also recommends supplements that contain spirulina for it’s high content of protein and antioxidants.

Ella recomienda que si no deseas comer pescado que obtengan sus Omega 3, puedes consumir suplementos de la semilla de lino. También recomienda un suplemento que contenga espirulina por su alto contenido de proteína y antioxidantes.


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