Crazy for Nina! Calling all hard core creatives, you up for a challenge?

Crazy for Nina! Calling all hard core creatives, you up for a challenge?

Videographer: Daniel Abreu | Editor: Daniel Abreu | Host/Creative Director: Nina Henderson

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Even in the midst of San Antonio Fashion Awards preparation craziness, we just had to get the word out about this insanely cool company! We sat down with Nina Saraphina to bring you this one-of-a-kind creative opportunity.

SLTV: Nina, tell us about your company and its mission
NS: Nina Sarahphina is an artistic brand created by a third generation clothing collector with a background in tap, jazz, ballet and theater. The “pH” in Nina Sarahphina represents the balance of disciplines as a creative director, educator, choreographer, and performing artist. My mission is to incorporate fashion, fitness, and fine arts as tools for creative development.

Photographer: Andrew Stevens | MUA: Blush You, Inc. by Michelle Degrazia Schubert | Headpiece: Andrew Stevens | Model: Nina Sarahphina

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SLTV: Nina, your website shows you to be a multi-talent in the fashion industry (photographer, model, makeup artist, hair). Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you came to be the quadruple threat that you are today?
NS: Although I am not the photographer of the photo shoots that I create, I am the director; I own the wardrobe, create the concept, style the models, and design the set. Sometimes I pose as the model. My background as a performing artist gave me the tools to play many roles on and off the set. Formally trained in dance from age 2 through high school, I later studied costume design and stage makeup as a theater minor. I worked in school productions and learned different styles of literature, as a double major in English and Dance, which explains the vintage occurrences in my photo shoots and videos.

SLTV: This is all so exciting! You are so talented. Tell us your vision for the 12 hour challenge and how you feel this event fuels your creative passions.
NS: Working on the sets of dance performances, stage plays, and photo shoots, I understand the strengths of a successful production. A successful production is one where the vision is clear to the audience, while an unsuccessful production causes confusion and lacks cohesiveness. My role as the creative director is to form one main idea from a collective. Rather than use one to sacrifice the other, the challenge teaches artists to balance collaboration and creativity. My mission to execute creativity  through education is what fuels my creative passions.

Photographer: Nick Bruner | MUA: Autumn Duris | Hair stylist: PrettyByPre Salon | Model: Nina Sarahphina

SLTV: This is the third 12 hour challenge. What is different about round three?
NS: Round 1: My strategy was to work with artists who had little to no experience with creative group projects, using the same subject (myself) in 3 different ways. This encouraged artists to compromise, and it challenged them to use perspective as a tool instead of a weapon.

Round 2:  My strategy was to work with artists who had more experience with collaborations, but less experience working with time restrictions in a controlled environment. This round, competitors were limited to a studio setting versus flash and natural light only. Teams were also assigned their wardrobe versus bringing their own.

Round 3: This challenge will focus on the importance of style and design. Once teams are selected, they will have the option to add one additional team member. Options may include a second shooter, wardrobe stylist, set designer, wig-maker, body painter, or any creative assistance to strengthen their chances of winning. Props will be assigned prior to the day of competition, and this time teams will be responsible for choosing their model’s wardrobe from 7 Nina Sarahphina’s Style Studio collections.

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SLTV: Is there still time to participate. How do people sign up?
Yes! We currently have 1 out of 7 teams selected. It’s free to sign up. All you need to do is form a team and register on
More Information on the 12 Hour Challenge can be found here as well.
$75 registration fee (only if selected)
$25 participation fee for each team member (fee is waved for the creative director)
Teams will be selected  by September 25th and announced on September 28th
Grand prize: $700 cash OR a sponsorship for Indie Soleil Magazine’s NOLA fashion road trip March 16th-19th

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Facebook: /stylestudioaustin

MUA Beautified by Chanel by Chanel Sanchez | Hair stylist Kenya Reynea Salon by Kenya Kirk | Photographer Badami Studioa by Rubab Waheed 

Burgundy Woods
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Burgundy Woods has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music/Music Industries from the University of the Incarnate Word and a Design & Trend Forecasting degree from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. She began her career in Hollywood, California, where she worked for major record labels such as Virgin Records, Interscope Records, EMI Music and Capitol Records. Later after attaining her fashion degree, she was discovered by MySpace, Inc. and was immediately hired to be their Fashion Curator starring and producing her show THE B-SPOT Fashion & Trends on their Fashion & Shopping channel. During this time, online media was in its infancy. She and her colleagues pioneered and molded the online fashion media industry resulting in over 10 years of experience in fashion news and 20 years of experience in fashion video content. Many of the stylized ideas and tools that were launched through these platforms are still used to this day as industry standards for online fashion media. Later, with her extensive experience in developing online fashion media, she continued the show independently and has successfully rebranded THE B-SPOT into Style Lush TV online fashion network. Now, with over nine professional years in online fashion media and trend forecasting, she continues to pioneer, maneuver and develop her industry. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Style Lush TV. She is also the President of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative. The state's official non-profit for the positive growth of the Texas fashion industry.