Moda & Mimosas (English Version): Meet Hair Stylist, Luly James!

Moda & Mimosas (English Version): Meet Hair Stylist, Luly James!

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In this new episode of Moda & Mimosas (Fall Edition), we sat down with super talented hair stylist, Luly James. I met her a little over 4 years ago, through a mutual friend and she it was time to prepare and test out my hair style for my wedding, she was the one who helped me. Since then, Luly has been busy on many projects and collaborations that have contributed to her professional growth and more recently, to expand her business to a very spacious home studio that is full of light and life. During this episode, we explore her early beginnings in the industry, the grand opening of Hue Studio and her experience participating for the very first time in New York Fashion Week. Of course, we also talk about her favorite Fall Trend (hint, it never goes out of style), hair tips for Brunch and her favorite Brunch Spot in San Antonio. Watch the episode and get to know the spellbinding, Luly James!

Styled by Luly at NYFW. Photo via

Backtage at NYFW with Shokunin Clik. Photo via

Luly swears by these products for easy Sunday haircare.

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