The Perfect Shirt: Paving the way through Bespoke Menswear in SA

The Perfect Shirt: Paving the way through Bespoke Menswear in SA

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Gentlemen, have you ever bought a button down shirt and had to take it to a tailor because it was too long, the sleeves weren’t right or the neck was too big? How about it fits your shoulders and arms but the neck is too tight and you have to go up a size, so the rest of it doesn’t fit right? We hear this all too often and finding the perfect fit can be somewhat of a hassle, to the point of ending up spending way more than you intended in time and money. In comes The Perfect Shirt.

The Perfect Shirt  is an American Bespoke Shirt and Suiting provider serving the everyday gentleman. They pride themselves in possessing a fanatical attention to detail, a unique customer experience, and a premier product. Their people, the experience and the product distinguishes them in the resurgence of custom clothing. The Perfect Shirt was founded in 2016 by Creative Director Robert Bucheit. They offer bespoke garments for the everyday man – from linen to button downs to slacks suits and tuxedos.

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I sat down with their Regional Brand Partner, Sarah Stone, to learn more about the company, as Menswear seems to be growing and men are really stepping it up in San Antonio. She began working part-time nights and weekends building her business, while working at a nonprofit in downtown San Antonio and is now a full time employee with The Perfect Shirt. She will meet you in the location of your choosing, most commonly at home, take your measurements and profile you to meet your needs and make sure you are 100% happy with your bespoke clothing. Watch the interview above to learn more about this growing trend in menswear!

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*Now through Christmas they are offering 10% off an individual order of 4 or more Perfect Shirts and 20% off an order of 6 or more Perfect Shirts. The opening price point with the promo will start at $149 per Perfect Shirt.*

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