Catching up with artist, Analy Diego. What’s next?

Catching up with artist, Analy Diego. What’s next?

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Style Lush TV has been following Analy Diego ever since starting roots in San Antonio three years ago. As one of the most stylish and polished of professional entities in the city, it is no surprise that we continually see Analy Diego taking on new challenges and brand expansions with her creativity. In a recent social media blast, Diego featured a new business card and the most intriguing of posts “New Credentials. New Business Cards.

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Of course, we reached out. Here’s what she had to say:

SLTV: In the past, we have featured you as an artist, but many people are not aware that you actually attained your B.S. degree in interior design, later your masters in architecture. Why the move back into interior design?
AD: I actually never abandoned my career in Interior Design, in fact, teaching Interior and Graphic Design courses at The Art Institute of San Antonio is what got me back into art. During my time at AI, I taught a few Illustrator courses; this got me into experimenting with digital art, which is now my main artistic focus.

Explore the brand at AnalyDiego.Com

SLTV: We have seen some of your art make its way onto home decor recently, such as pillows, but what else can we expect from your brand with this new focus on interior design?
AD: I am currently working on producing some high quality apparel and accessories, embroidery pieces on velvet, as well as light boxes. All these are prototypes at the moment, but my idea is to always test new ways of displaying my work and merge art and design to enhance interior spaces.

Photo by @trinitygreer

SLTV: How exciting! You must keep us informed on that. Analy, you have an extensive educational background in creative fields, how has art, interior design and architecture combined, played a role in your creative expression? Do you use one more than the others? Or is it a fair blend of all three?
AD: My creative expression is definitely a blend of all three. As an Architecture and Design instructor, I am constantly trying expand my artistic knowledge through my teaching methods. When producing new artwork or design work with my students, I draw inspiration from different color theorists, artists and architects, such as Josef Albers, Charles and Ray Eames, Andy Warhol and Frank Lloyd Wright.

I see art and design as a reflection of society, which we can use as a tool to identify our own beliefs and views, our stories, and personal experiences. This belief is always reflected in my teaching/design methods, as well as in my artwork. For instance, by deviating from traditional art tools, and using technology as my main medium in art, I try to prove that art can still be a part of the fast paced, evolving world we live in today.

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Images sourced at Instagram @AnalyDigo

SLTV: What kinds of services and products will be made available to the public with your new Interior Design expansion?
AD: As of now, I am focusing all my efforts in leading the Interior Design Program at The University of Texas at San Antonio, as I recently became the Program Coordinator. I am planning on using my knowledge in Interior Design and Architecture to ensure we prepare our students to become successful professionals. Hopefully in the future I will be able to continue building my own practice.

SLTV: Well, good luck on all the upcoming projects. We love watching everything you do.

Coming soon, you can go check out one of Diego’s pieces in person while showing off your Spurs Fan Fashion! This sample print on mirror has been ordered and will be on display at the Henry B. Gonzalez convention center Feb.10! @artlegacytx. Go check it out, take a selfie (Tag #AnalyDiego) and support Diego on all her social media.



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