Canela Vintage, “Making Old Threads New Again”

Canela Vintage, “Making Old Threads New Again”

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Canela Vintage is a fairly new vintage shop in San Antonio who got its start in January of 2017. With a Mexican American, women-power influence, owner Elisa Kern, pours her heart and soul into this dream each day. So much so, that she also co-hosts Girl Talk y Mas, a podcast about empowering women.

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Upon entering the shop, I was immediately overwhelmed with how inviting and warm the space felt. There are drinks and couches to sit, relax, and “vibe” (as Canela says). New arrivals are received daily because she’s always on the hunt. Merchandise comes from high and low, Canela doesn’t discriminate. She believes everyone and everything has a story and this is what makes it all magic. The one thing you will always find in Canela Vintage is music tees. A love for these tees derives from her days of working at Hot Topic and rocking colored hair.

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Canela Vintage, for both men and women, is organized by collection:

Cherry Rainier: inspired by 9 months of living in Washington state.

Aloha Tropical: inspired by a trip to Oahu and is full of fresh bright colors.

Lush Vibes: Is her alter ego. It’s daring, exciting, and feels like living in New York and being catered to.

Caviar Rose: Luxury, furs, sports coats (a Canela favorite), and anything designer.

The love for sports coats comes from the movie, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead and hearing the line, “Right on top of that Rose” resonated with Canela. To her the character was taking charge, handling things and all while in a sports coat looking like a CEO.

Canela Vintage can be found at 301 Blanco Road, Suite P., San Antonio, TX 78212. Follow along on Instagram, @CanelaVintage, for updated shop hours and pop up information. This Saturday, Feb. 3, Canela Vintage will be set up at Pan Dulce Gallery from 12:00 to 5:00. Another great thing about this local vintage shop is Canela partners with Dress for Success and serves as a donation center. “We create excess in everything. Let’s save the world and upcycle”. Stay tuned, we’re sure to see much more from Canela. Next up, a San Antonio Fiesta inspired collection.

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Crystal Martinez
[email protected]

A lover of vintage, Crystal is known for her unparalleled curation, styling, and buying power of 20's, 30's, 40's and other vintage decades. A current resident of San Antonio, Texas, Crystal enjoys offering her skills to private clientele and has been a freelance fashion contributor for Style Lush TV for several years. She  believes fashion serves the soul and can take you on a journey. Whether it's a creative feeling from the past or an example of self expression in the present, fashion is transcendent.