Four standout moments during my visit to TWIRL in Southtown!

Four standout moments during my visit to TWIRL in Southtown!

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It’s hard doing a story on beauty professionals. Reason being, they wont tell you what you need to know, they want to SHOW you what you need to know. Makes perfect sense, after all, they are visual artists. Working in Southtown, TWIRL has been on my radar for years. The inconspicuous sign. The confident lack of advertising. I have to admit, with as much time as I spend at Blue Star, I’ve been wondering all the basics and finally, when our paths crossed, I anxiously set up a story meeting.

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I’ve often loved the how big city businesses showcase incredibly misleading urban exteriors, only to hold insanely cool interiors that surprise and shock the visitor upon entry. Twirl is exactly like this. Upon walking up the industrial stairs and opening their door, this modern day beauty shoppe immediately transports you into a creative and fashionable mindset. The mixture of classic vintage and modern edge is so impeccably designed, it’s no wonder this place has so many fans and tons of rave reviews.


Stand Out Moment #1: The Nu-Face Device

The first step for me was a facial. Admittedly, with running a small business, it’s very rare that I get time to take care of myself, especially my skin. Enter Brittany Franco, a 6+ years experienced esthetician at TWIRL and an overall educated and soothing presence when it comes to skincare. I explained to her about my lifelong struggle with healthy skin. Back in Hollywood, I had it under control with some very advanced laser treatments, but alas, as my move back to San Antonio became permeant, the lack of maintenance defaulted my skin back to signs of past acne and incredibly unbalanced skintones. A mixture of soothing and deep cleaning was necessary. All too often I tell estheticians that I need extractions, and for some strange reason, they are too gentle and I leave feeling very relaxed but very disappointed in the clogged pores that remain. Not only did Brittany deep clean my skin, she also ended the custom facial with The Nu-Face device, my first Stand Out Moment at TWIRL. I can’t tell you what an impact this facial and device had on my skin. And to make things even better, 3-5 days later, my skin was continuing to look better and better. I’m a huge fan.

“This is something I love to use during my facials with clients. This device was originally developed for people who struggled from face paralysis due to strokes or bells palsy. They quickly realized that it could be used for cosmetic purposes also. It’s a great alternative to needles, fillers and face-lifts, and really helps penetrate the product deep into your skin, making it 100 times more affective.” says Franco.

Brittany Franco, esthetician at TWIRL

Stand Out Moment #2: Olaplex

After my incredible facial, I was handed over to Amber Longoria for shampoo and hair prep. She gave me the most incredible shampoo massage that continued to aid in my much needed stress relief. (I often wonder if these beauty experts know how important this experience is to the patron? I was so thankful and could feel my tension continue to float away.)

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As you know, I am no stranger to hair color. Style Lush TV audiences know that I’ve been pink, blue, teal, purple, platinum and every other color in the world, until I rebelled and went back to my natural dark chocolate. This kind of activity can take a toll on hair, so naturally, I had split ends, dead hair and lots of damage. Enter Olaplex, my Stand Out Moment #2. This scientifically designed serum is specifically made for damaged bleached hair, and yea, yea, we’ve heard it all before, right; only this time, beauty professionals are truly raving. “This stuff is not a band-aid. This stuff actually works.” Longoria tells me, and boy was she not kidding. Not only did my hair look immediately healthier, it also seemed easier to style. So far, my TWIRL experience, flawless.

Stand Out Moment #3: Jade Dagsaan and her less is more approach

Makeup is such a personal experience. Over the years, you get to know the contours of your face, the compensations that suit you, the tricks that accentuate. Admittedly, I’ve had my makeup done many, many, times and admittedly, people hardly ever get it right. At least not looks that I feel comfortable with or suit my personality. I always fear this step. No one ever wants to offend an artist.

Enter Jade Dagsaan. Immediately, Jade’s warmth and smile put me at ease as she began asking me questions about my skin, my preferences and even asked to take a sneak peek into my purse for hidden clues about my color choices. She received formal makeup training working for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics while in beauty school and with over seven years at TWIRL, she continues to master her craft while working along side super woman Lisa Weller (but we’ll get to her in a second).

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Once we had a full consultation, she and her fabulous arsenal began the transformation. One thing that really stood out to me was the wonderful stance against over conturing. I know, I know, “it’s super popular”, but honestly, I am so underwhelmed. I look at pop culture and high fashion for a living. Everyone is starting to look the same. It’s getting boring and I don’t want to look that way. I was so pleasantly surprised at how Jade felt the same way and proceeded to make me look like me, only much more glowy and healthier. I love how TWIRL does what feels artistically right instead of just following the trends completely. That’s how you know your working with pros. They know all the “rules” but are skilled enough to divert. The results often yield innovation and that was definitely the case with Jade.

With over twelve years in makeup, it’s quite obvious that she has mastered making women look beautiful. She even made me a huge fan of shimmer lip gloss again, something I had left behind some years ago. It had to have been one of the most confident walk-aways I’ve ever felt leaving someone’s makeup chair. It was me, only accentuated and the compliments that followed were non-stop. “My god Burg. You look stunning.” “Wow. I love your makeup tonight!”  Here are just a few secret ticks of the trade, direct from Dagsaan herself.

New favorite lip gloss, Bobbi Brown in Oyster

Tip 1: “I used Girlactic Highlighter in See Through along the bridge of your nose as well as the top of the cheek bone. The trick is to only use a shimmer as the pop of light by not using a shimmery blush or bronzer on the face. When a woman has feminine features, there is no need to “paint by numbers” and apply bronzer in places that is not needed. I like to add bronzer along the top of the forehead, under the cheek bones and under the neck. Using a large brush helps create a soft effect without any lines.”

Tip 2: Eye cream! A good eye cream that is not too heavy or oily helps hydrate and prime the eye as a plump surface to apply corrector and concealer. Finding the right colors for under the eye is key! Too light can make your eyes look tired and accentuate any darkness, too dark can make your eyes look sunken. A long wearing product can dry and make any lines stand out. I love using Bobbi Brown correctors and concealers for every day as well as photo shoots. The range of skin tones can’t be beat! I used Medium Bisque corrector and Honey concealer. A layer of corrector goes first in the darkest areas, patted in with a finger, then a layer of concealer goes on top. Pressing in the make up with your finger blends perfectly. I also set the concealer with Cover FX loose translucent powder in Light.

Behind The Scenes on TWIRL’s Instastories

Stand Out Moment #4: Lisa Weller & the rocker shag I’ve alway wanted.

Lisa Weller, the powerhouse. A beauty cultivator: inner and outer, owner and mentor at TWIRL and local role model for many entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. Born in Elizabeth, NJ and raised in San Antonio, Weller learned to care about beauty from her mother and grandmother. “They always made it a priority to get their hair done and have the perfect outfit.” Weller says. Fashion has always been a hobby for her and hair was the perfect accessory. In 2000 she began her career as a hairdresser under David Gonzales at Salon David. She then moved to New York to work for Bumble and Bumble and pursued her career in fashion and editorial hairdressing. It was during that time she learned invaluable skills and forged many relationships that were key to her future connections for working in the fashion world. To this day, she travels the world honing her craft and sharpening her sword.

It was 2008 when she returned to San Antonio and saw a need to create a fashion based approach to hairdressing. “I realized pretty quickly that the approach I wanted did not exist in San Antonio and that I would have to be the one to create it.” she says. And so, she started TWIRL. Located in one of the most coveted locations in San Antonio, this modern day beauty shoppe is located in Southtown on the second floor of The Blue Star Art Complex. A central hub for all the most talented artists in San Antonio, it’s easy to understand why her place feels extra special. The flow of the river, the constant creative activity, it’s no wonder this salon plays host to some of the most innovative beauty services and will be celebrating 10 years by the end of this year.

Screenshot of episode. Watch it above.

During this time, as Lisa was growing and mentoring her salon, she was also working for the world renowned Key Hairstylist Guido Palau. She’d travel 4 months a year to New York, London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo and more working on fashion shows and photo shoots for almost every major designer including Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Givenchy and Balenciaga. The list goes on.  She continues to work backstage for various designers during fashion weeks and also works on a more personal level with models, celebrities, editors, and bloggers, getting them ready for red carpet events. Here in San Antonio, she caters to the most known of clientele as well as some of the hippest movers and shakers of the city. When it’s time to book time with Lisa, you better book it up quick. She is very in demand and dishing up some of the best fashion services in style!

On this day, she was extraordinary. Purple ruched blouse and long salmon skirt. I sat in her chair and heard a lot about her story. I could relate on so many levels. We reminisced about the big city life and joked about “industry folks” (as well as those who try to act like “industry folks”). We bonded over the realities of owning a business and the sacrifices it takes to continue forward as a leader. Most importantly, we discussed our hopes for the positive growth of the San Antonio Fashion Industry. She too is ecstatic about the changes in San Antonio, and the promising future that will allow creatives to make a living here.

Weller & Me, Behind the Scenes on Twirl Instastory

“”The best business ideas come from personal need”,  I heard this at a women’s entrepreneur conference, Create & Cultivate.  It really rang true for me because Twirl was born out of my personal need to have a light, bright, clean, good vibes only place to do my art. It was important for me to have the hair that was happening by me, and around me be inspired by high fashion, hollywood and backed up with solid technique.” says Weller.

While in her chair, she molded and shaped my hair, with and eagle eye and sharp focus, her artist ways were clearly abundant and it was magic to watch her dance around my seat. She clipped the bold bang I always seem to mess up myself. She formed and constructed the perfectly waved shag I constantly dream of. When all was said and done, not only did I get the hair I always strive for, I also got the overall TWIRL experience. I was feeling happy, confidant and yes, very attractive.

The talent at TWIRL is incredibly special, a family of creatives, warm, chic and oh so cool. When I looked in the mirror, the tired small business owner was long gone, and there she was, Burgundy Woods, the woman I truly am on the inside, and I felt pretty too. It had been a long time since I felt pretty; I guess 12-16 hour days, lack of sleep and and up and down diet will do that to a woman. But on this day, at the end of my TWIRL experience, I found myself again. My energy level lifted and I couldn’t wait to strut my stuff!

I left feeling like a million bucks and that night, I text my man and said, “We’re going out!” We had a blast and when that was all said and done, I continued to feel this energy throughout my work days. I was back baby! and I thank TWIRL for the much needed day of pampering. Extra special Thank You to everyone there for making me feel so welcomed. It was an unforgettable experience.

For even more behind the scenes, watch the episode above and stay tuned for more fashion news on Style Lush TV.

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Final Look, taken with Diva Ring Light



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Burgundy Woods has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music/Music Industries from the University of the Incarnate Word and a Design & Trend Forecasting degree from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. She began her career in Hollywood, California, where she worked for major record labels such as Virgin Records, Interscope Records, EMI Music and Capitol Records. Later after attaining her fashion degree, she was discovered by MySpace, Inc. and was immediately hired to be their Fashion Curator starring and producing her show THE B-SPOT Fashion & Trends on their Fashion & Shopping channel. During this time, online media was in its infancy. She and her colleagues pioneered and molded the online fashion media industry resulting in over 10 years of experience in fashion news and 20 years of experience in fashion video content. Many of the stylized ideas and tools that were launched through these platforms are still used to this day as industry standards for online fashion media. Later, with her extensive experience in developing online fashion media, she continued the show independently and has successfully rebranded THE B-SPOT into Style Lush TV online fashion network. Now, with over nine professional years in online fashion media and trend forecasting, she continues to pioneer, maneuver and develop her industry. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Style Lush TV. She is also the President of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative. The state's official non-profit for the positive growth of the Texas fashion industry.