M. Andrews Sartorial Luxury Presents: 4 Style Tips for Men

M. Andrews Sartorial Luxury Presents: 4 Style Tips for Men

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As we continue to see the growing trend of men stepping up their game by dressing up more, Marcus Andrews, President of M. Andrews Sartorial Luxury has played a major part in dressing up South Texas men in custom suits, shoes and accessories . The 2016 San Antonio Fashion Awards, Menswear Designer of the Year  has dressed celebrities such as Usher, Blake Shelton, Anthony Anderson, NBA Star Antonio Daniels, NFL Star Emmitt Smith, among others. Today, Marcus is sharing his top 4 Style Tips for Men who are looking to take their Gentleman Style up a notch!

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Style Tip 1: Leather Soled Shoes

Your options for soles on men’s shoes are either rubber or leather. Marcus points out that rubber is not reparable as where leather is, making it more cost-effective in the long run.


Style Tip 2: Avoid Squared Toes

This might be his biggest pet peeve. He says “Square toed make you look boxy.” Opt for a chiseled or more rounded toe shoe and you’ll have a more elongated and elegant look. “It just looks better!”, says Marcus.

Style Tip 3: How to Wear Bold Colors

Many people think that you can only wear muted colors in order to look dapper, and that is simply not true. There are many ways to incorporate bold colors in your look and Marcus knows exactly how. When you use bold colors as accents, like a detail in the shirt, or the tie, pocket, and shoes, you express yourself with your favorite tones, without going over the top. A head to toe Purple suit is definitely a No-No!

Style Tip 4: Matching Belt & Shoes

There are different schools of thought when it comes to this tip, but Marcus is a firm believer that matching your belt to your shoes is the way towards a more clean and put together look.

For more great Style Tips, schedule your  FREE and Personalized Fit and Design Appointment at M. Andrews Sartorial Luxury‘s San Antonio, TX Haberdashery. You can order your custom suit, sport jacket, dress shirts or custom footwear.

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