Fashion Mavens, We Present to You: Lírica!

Fashion Mavens, We Present to You: Lírica!


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May we present to you the new brand making waves on the local scene, Lírica! “Brand by girls, for girls!” (Men welcome too!) With a strong belief in “girl power”, Lírica was born just six months ago and it’s all about fashionable equations over at this studio. Maria Galvan is one of the two fashion geniuses behind this brand which derived from the brand Lucio. Galvan, is an expert with leather and owns her brand Lucio, which is currently supplying leather aprons for local elite companies such as Hotel Emma, Jazz, TX, and Local Coffee.

The start of Lirica (first design)

Lucio apron


Having joined forces with her  long time friend the Lírica brand has expectedly taken off. Both ladies take part in the design process and have designated days for production. Lírica set a goal, “perfect the quality and make the quality long lasting” and because of this much time was spent narrowing down the process and perfecting everything from gluing stainless steel to painting leather. Every detail has been combed through and perfected. Having witnessed the now 5 step process I have much respect for what these gals do. The work is tedious but the passion is certainly there and the brand is hands down a personal favorite of mine. Lírica handcrafts jewelry made up of clean lines and geometric shapes in bold colors of leather. Statement Making + Long Lasting, equal a style equation I can definitely get onboard with!

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Based out of San Antonio, Texas, these fashion bosses are very busy having not only planned pop-ups in Miami and Nashville but also the brand was recently picked up by White Elephant Boutique in Toronto, Canada and Casual to Fancy Boutique in Little Elm, Tx. They have also been contacted by a boutique in Italy, GO LIRICA!

Custom Initial Necklaces



This brand is certainly making it’s mark, lets hope we can get a boutique to pick them up here locally. Until then, there’s always Etsy and local pop-ups. The next local pop-up on the Lírica calendar is set for Sunday, July 22nd at 268 E Lullwood, Unit 1. Stay tuned for more information and follow @Lirica.TX for all the specifics.




Crystal Martinez
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A lover of vintage, Crystal is known for her unparalleled curation, styling, and buying power of 20's, 30's, 40's and other vintage decades. A current resident of San Antonio, Texas, Crystal enjoys offering her skills to private clientele and has been a freelance fashion contributor for Style Lush TV for several years. She  believes fashion serves the soul and can take you on a journey. Whether it's a creative feeling from the past or an example of self expression in the present, fashion is transcendent.