Minimal chic Korean fashion available in San Antonio. Meet Jowa!

Minimal chic Korean fashion available in San Antonio. Meet Jowa!

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With approximately 30 days under her belt, Eunwha Jung (Kate), has officially hit the fashion ground running with her new online boutique Jowa. Being introduced to the boutique during First Friday, the garments at first sight appeared simple, but upon closer inspection, we were pleasantly surprised with an array of chic quality and minimalistic detail for sophisticated women and their equally stylish children. The print free and no frill garments are style conscious gold with each piece feeling like a classic investment. What’s even more intriguing is that each garment is handpicked from Korea. We had to know more, read on to learn everything we did about Jowa including the meaning behind the name.


JOWA: In Korea, this means, ‘it’s good’ or ‘I like it’. 

SLTV: How did you get started with Jowa and what was your inspiration?
JOWA: I was born and raised in South Korea and moved to San Antonio in May 2015. In my country it is common to find stylish clothing of good quality at an affordable price in every city. After moving to America I found it difficult to find that same quality at an affordable price. My inspiration came after I started working at a coffee shop. My customers regularly complimented my outfits and would ask where they could find it, but became disappointed after hearing the clothes are only available in South Korea. So, I wanted to share Korean fashion with people in Texas.

SLTV: All your merchandise is from Korea, tell us more about that.
JOWA: I love Korean fashion. The Korean designers look for inspiration all over the world and incorporate different ideas into our own unique style. I especially love the pattern designs, color coordination, and attention to detail that Koreans are good at putting together. Attention to detail is very appealing to me. For example, a shirt that looks ordinary, but it has a long back slit. Or a dress made with two different types of fabric.

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SLTV: Who is the Jowa customer and how would you describe the Jowa style?
JOWA: I would say people who are looking for something a little more unique and hip but, also high quality products with a reasonable price. The Jowa customers are the women who are confident and willing to set themselves apart from everyone else. They understand the fashion trends of the world and incorporate that into their own style. Our customers are also the mothers that want their baby/child to dress well. I would describe the Jowa style as unique, high quality, and hip.

SLTV: What is the one signature item we can always find at JOWA?
JOWA: I would say Dresses and Jumpsuits for S/S season and high quality knit wear for F/W season. It also depends on what the trend for that season is.

SLTV: What is your experience with fashion?
JOWA: I have always appreciated fashion and design from a young age. I traveled to many different countries and one of the main things I love to do is go to local shops and look around at how people dress and get inspiration from them. Also, I always enjoy coordinating outfits with matching shoes and bags.

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Here are our upcoming pop-up dates and locations:

July 28th – Boss Babes Market Day event @Travis Park

August 3rd – First Friday @ Brick Marketplace in Southtown

August 4th – Shotgun Coffee Shop on Buena Vista Street



Crystal Martinez
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