Looking for a trendy place to sweat? We’ve found it! Meet Formation Collective

Looking for a trendy place to sweat? We’ve found it! Meet Formation Collective

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Calling all exercise enthusiast and fashionistas everywhere, there’s a new gym in town and it feels a lot different than what we are used to. Formation Collective has now set up space in San Antonio, TX and is offering an array of classes such as Kickboxing, Barre and dance-inspired fitness classes, along with a host a variety of events, like Hoop Dance, Yoga and Wine, and Gallery Nights. This studio has a fashionable yet relaxed feel to it with a lounge area, art on the walls, zen inducing plants placed around the studio, and everything you need to get your sweat on. Read on below to learn more about what makes this studio so special and what class we must all attend. 


SLTV: What makes your studio different from other local studios?
Formation Collective: My goal with Formation was to create a place where people would feel comfortable exercising and where they are smiling when they leave. With yoga in particular, I feel it can be intimidating to join a new studio and I wanted Formation to feel approachable because yoga shouldn’t feel so serious. We should be smiling in a class and having fun with it. Yes, it’s important to take the practice seriously too but not everyone is at the same place with yoga and we want to introduce people to something that can be both enriching and fun. 

SLTV: What is your background in fitness and who/what inspired you to open a studio?
Formation Collective: My background in fitness started when I worked as a personal trainer at Equinox back in 2007 in Santa Monica, CA. Equinox was one of the first gyms to really show people that you don’t have to sacrifice style for a workout. Exercising is experiential and that means the whole environment should be a part of the guest’s experience. 

Then in 2014, after working really long hours in my corporate job as an art director in New York City, I decided to become certified in teaching yoga at Yoga Vida, mostly for my own well-being. I realized then that I was never happier than when I was working with people in a health and fitness capacity. I saw a void in downtown San Antonio when I was looking for a gym. I wasn’t in love with my options and wanted more than just yoga, so I decided to create something a bit different.

SLTV: Your studio is very stylish and trendy so we assume you have this same outlook on fashion. Can you tell us who is your go to brand or shop for active wear?
Formation Collective: I have experience working in fashion, having worked as a designer for Sam Edelman. I never think of myself or my space as fashionable but I do put a high importance on creating a look or space that feels comfortable to be in but that is thoughtfully curated. In terms of fashion – my go-to right now is Athleta, mainly because they have clothing that I can wear professionally in a meeting or when working out in the studio, and that can handle this Texas heat. They have nice materials that are breathable and wrinkle-free.


SLTV: What are three tips you can give us to live a healthier lifestyle when living a busy life.
Formation Collective: First, we all hear about meal planning but I think that concept is hard for people who are new to trying a healthy lifestyle, so my motto is choose one meal to really focus on and plan that meal out in advance. Start small.  Second, drink more water. I like to have a reusable cup with a reusable straw. I find I drink more water when I have a straw. I also have a Nalgene bottle that goes everywhere with me. They are indestructible and I can throw it in my car and take it on a hike or to a meeting. Third, pack your car with healthy snacks. I can’t stress this enough. It saves me in so many ways. Find a healthy snack you like, like nuts or a protein bar (I love Go Macro) and put them in your car for those times when you need a quick bite. The key to this tip is finding something that has protein and low sugar. If your protein bar is packed with sugar, even natural sugar, you will feel hungry again soon and your blood levels will spike then fall. So high protein options are best. 

SLTV: What is your one class everyone should try and why do you suggest it?
Formation Collective: Our barre classes are really fun and there aren’t many barre options downtown. If you want to try yoga, people really like the Sunday night Candlelit Flow, beginners or experienced yogis can enjoy this class and it helps calm the mind before starting the new week. 

All photos sourced via Formation Collective

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Whether you’re in a fitness rut or simply looking to try out a new local spot we recommend you pay a visit to Formation Collective. Something tell us you’ll leave feeling challenged, empowered, and simply proud. Visit Formation Collective, near the Hays Bridge, at 125 Lamar. Follow them online at Formation.Collective for fun videos and all the details on their schedule and insanely affordable prices.


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