The Dia de Los Muertos gown that is gaining buzz around town.

The Dia de Los Muertos gown that is gaining buzz around town.

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Recently during a First Friday Artwalk in Southtown, we were introduced to a unique work of wearable art that is quickly gaining buzz. After being introduced to this gown, we seeked out the artist responsible. Luckily, we were approached by a vendor who knew the artist personally and quickly, we made arrangements to interview her. Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Amelia Felan.

SLTV: Hi Amelia. You are a wonderful artist. Tell us more about your business.
AF: My business name is Desallanic Designs. My artform specialty is designing gowns for bridal, debuts, and all kinds of formal occasions. Some however, are in fact simply art work.

SLTV: How long have you been a designer and artist?
AF: I’ve been pursuing this artform since I was a little girl.

Gown by Amelia Felan

SLTV: Did you study design and art?
AF: I don’t have an educational background but have been blessed with a gift to create beautiful designs and artwork. My mother was a seamstress. I inherit it from her.

Gown by Amelia Felan

SLTV: You’ve mentioned to us that you are very shy. For other creatives out there who may be shy and need advice about getting themselves out there, what would you consider your first big break into the local scene? How did you get yourself out there?
AF: My first big break was Raw San Antonio. They saw some of my work on Instagram and contacted me for their next fashion show September 13, 2017.

SLTV: We loved your Dia de los Muertos gown. It is quickly gaining buzz all over town. What inspired this work?
AF: What inspired me to make this masterpiece was an event I went to 2 or 3 years ago. My friend Laura Nino Vasquez bought me a ticket to a Dia de los Muertos Masquerade Ball. I designed myself a beautiful gown, made myself a headpiece and painted my face. Everyone loved my outfit and took a lot of pictures all night. I was interviewed by someone can’t remember the name and everyone was taking pictures of me as if I were famous. I had a blast!  And I almost didn’t go cause I was having a panic attack. But I’m glad my friend pushed me to go. That’s where I got the idea that I would make something even better for the following year but we didn’t go the next year but the idea was still I’m my head. I cut out the gown with a train.  I painted a skull but didn’t get far. I put it away and just recently took it out a couple of months ago or so. I’ve been obsessed with finishing it and I have. The idea was to have someone model it at the next Ball. They have a best dressed contest that I would  love to win.

Gown by Amelia Felan

SLTV: What would you say is your creative process?
AF: I hardly ever sketch. I just buy fabrics, laces, notions. Ideas just come to me, even in my sleep.

SLTV: Well congratulations on a work of art that has everyone talking. Where can people find you online or contact you for work?

Honestly, the only place people have found me in the past is on my personal Amelia Felan Facebook and Instagram. Really, clientele has mostly been word of mouth as far as I can remember. But again, my business is called Desallanic Designs.

SLTV: Thank you for taking time with us to share the story about the Dia de los Muertos gown. We look forward to watching more work come out of Desallanic Designs. 

Burgundy Woods
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