The After Party: Hotel Havana & OCHO, Food, and the launch of the Official San Antonio Fashion Awards Cocktail!

The After Party: Hotel Havana & OCHO, Food, and the launch of the Official San Antonio Fashion Awards Cocktail!

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With the San Antonio Fashion Awards only weeks away, many fashion enthusiasts are now in the preparatory stages of designing their red carpet looks and planning their evening. This year, Hotel Havana & OCHO will be hosting The Official After Party setting the foundation for an easily walkable destination from the Tobin Center and offering incredible food for patrons.

Hotel Havana is an incredibly stylish destination with an energy so rich with history, it’s no wonder it is one of San Antonio’s most coveted hotel destinations. In 1914, local grocer Edward Franz Melcher opened Hotel Havana with a vision to recreate the tropical allure of the hotel’s Caribbean namesake. He built in the Mediterranean Revival style popular in Cuba at the time, and many of the surrounding cypress, palm and magnolia trees he planted still remain. The hotel served as a temporary residence for Melcher’s visiting vendors, beginning a storied legacy that includes FBI stings, acts of God and other colorful events befitting a grand and legendary hotel. In April 2010, Hotel Havana was reopened under the humble care of Liz Lambert and her team at Bunkhouse. The hotel is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, but manages to maintain its youthful spirit.

Image sourced at HavanaSanAntonio.Com

Situated at Hotel Havana, in a glass conservatory overlooking the River Walk, OCHO serves as one of San Antonio’s most breathtaking bar & restaurant destinations. This year, Bartender Robbie Olivarez, has designed the official cocktail of the San Antonio Fashion Awards called the “Chic Simple” and OCHO will be launching this at the after party and continuing its availability during their fall cocktail menu. We caught up with Robbie to get to know him a bit better and gain some insight into the inspiration for the cocktail.

SLTV: How long have you been serving up stylish cocktails?
RO: I’ve been a bartender close to 5 yrs now but have only been on the craft side of cocktails for the past 2 yrs. I started bartending for a catering service that covered weddings and other events. Lots of wine, beer and standard cocktails. Popping bottles and cranberry vodkas all day.

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SLTV: What inspired the Chic Simple?
RO: Inspiration for the Chic Simple came as a part of a fall list of cocktails I had been working on. Here in Texas, as we know, it can be warmer than most climates, even when fall hits. So I wanted something light and refreshing but still had a nice fall essences to it. 

Robbie Olivarez, creator  of the Chic Simple

SLTV: We got to taste this incredible cocktail during filming. Should we tell viewers what’s in it?
RO: Citrus. Fruit. Rum. Flair. They should probably go watch the episode for details and to see it being created.

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SLTV: In your opinion, why is Havana and Ocho the perfect place for fashion enthusiasts?
RO: The historic building takes you back to a time of elegance, the landscapes and backdrops are breath taking. The quaint, yet modern take on the restaurant and bar are regal compared to most in the industry. Give Hotel Havana, Ocho, and Havana Bar a visit if you are looking for that bit of inspiration.


SLTV: We are too excited. One final question, cocktails and fashion, why do they go hand in hand?
RO: Cocktails and fashion seem to be a match made in heaven. What comes to mind for me are all the greats like Frank Sinatra enjoying a martini or a glass of Jack Daniels, looking sharp in a two piece suit, tie, and fedora. Or Jackie O sipping daiquiris with her chic wardrobe and effortless style; pioneers of their era. And on the night of the 11th, who wouldn’t want to be seen looking their absolute best and drinking a Chic Simple?

SLTV: We could not agree more Robbie. Everyone is so excited for the big night, especially with OCHO being within walking distance of the ceremony! A hop skip and a jump away, the party will continue. 

Check out the episode above featuring Robbie’s creation, the Chic Simple and buy your tickets for the San Antonio Fashion Awards today! Free entry to the after party with purchase.


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