Red Carpet Ready: InBalance Body is the Dance Cardio We all Need!

Red Carpet Ready: InBalance Body is the Dance Cardio We all Need!

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As we all all get Red Carpet Ready for the 4th Annual San Antonio Fashion Awards, many of us have been working hard at the gym to look and feel our best on the big day. In comes InBalance, now with 3 studios in San Antonio, and growing, the Barre, Pliates, Yoga and Dance workout movement is expanding as well and here at Style Lush TV, we can’t get enough of it! In this 3 part series, we toured all 3 studios, Leon Springs, Stone Oak and Alamo Ranch, learning the best moves from each signature workout on our Road to the Red Carpet.


“It’s all about consistency”, Hope Pedraza, CEO and owner of the original InBalance, “keep it consistent with your workout, consistent with your diet.” So, Hope developed a program that does just that. Inbalance’s 8 to Great, takes you through 8 weeks of consistent workouts and a meal plan especially designed for your needs, that eliminates the guess work and offers constant support along the way.

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For those of us who constantly travel, and going into the studio is not always an option, Pedraza offers a virtual version of the program. They also have an app available where you can view the workout videos and workout on those rainy days or while you’re on the road.

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For this episode, we bring out the dancer in you! See how Hope shows me the progression steps to a fun cardio workout and we eliminate de fear of dance workouts by showing that you DON’T have to be dancer to dance off the pounds.

*This episode is brought to you by Inbalance San Antonio, a proud sponsor of the San Antonio Fashion Awards.

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