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In a recent run to revamp this messy mane once again, I set out to work with some incredible hair innovators. Up first, get to know Bobby Maloy of San Antonio, Texas. Maloy is an internationally recognized hairdresser & educator with a range of impressive accolades proving that he is a Texas force to be reckoned with. Maloy has cut hair on stage in multiple countries and is an educated stylist traveling all around the world, from Miami to Tokyo, leaving his mark and returning with even more ways to continually encourage standards in the local scene. He has worked with Oribe, Bumble & Bumble, BMAC Scissors, R+Co, Aveda, Privé, and currently Cruxe Brand.

Bobby Maloy

  • Sassoon Advanced Academy (2016)
  • 3 time nominee Hairdresser of the Year (2016, 2017, 2018 SAFA Awards)
  • Winner of BMAC Best Short Haircut Challenge (2017)
  • Overall Winner of BMAC Japan Showdown (2017)
  • Dream Bridge Project Hairshow (Osaka, Japan 2017)
  • Nominated Instagram Video of the Year (2017 Hairbrained)
  • Cruxe™ team 2018, 2019 (
  • Privé Hair Inspirator / Educator (2018)
  • Elevate Hair Featured Artist / Educator (2018)
  • Master Hairdresser (ME Salon, San Antonio)
  • Independent Haircutting Educator (advanced education)
  • Performer IBS NYC March 2019

Maloy is a chameleon of style, changing his look annually and leaving you wondering what he will look like the next time you see him. The first year we met, Maloy rocked some mean denim and very cool sunglasses leading the way for some trendsetter rock-n-roll style. The next year, he sported a cowboy hat and a bolo tie deeming that this year, was his “rocker-cowboy” persona. That same year, his alter ego dressed him in horizontal stripes and a beret for the San Antonio Fashion Awards and he resembled the kind of Parisian you’d see in a fabulous vintage tour guide. This last year, the once clean shaven Maloy opted for scruffy facial hair and some updated John Lennon-esque sunglasses. When asked “Who are you this year?” he simply smiled and replied. “I don’t know, just some hippie dude now I guess.” That’s the fun of Bobby Maloy. He’s an easy going guy, who obviously loves aesthetics and although he’s fantastic at creating art, you’ll never hear him say he’s “an artist”. He’ll opt for the “never take things too seriously” attitude instead and simply be himself, sharing his craft with his clients and contributing his big city experiences and knowledge to the task at hand.

Bobby Maloy, a chameleon of style.

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Overall, he’s a great guy to work with. Just show him a picture, tell him how you’re feeling and he will transform you into exactly who you want to be. On this occasion my long, layered locks were chopped into a sexy-shoulder shag with the type of movement every woman desires with a short choppy cut. We caught up with him shortly after the makeover to ask him about his process as well as other tidbits of information.

Yours truly, before and after cut.
SLTV: Can you explain the techniques you used to achieve the look?

BM: I used an unguarded straight razor to cut the majority of your hair. The straight razor is a great tool to open up the hair and allow for more lightness and movement.

SLTV: Why do you think hair is such an empowering source of self expression?
BM: Your hair is the most important and should be the most expensive accessory you wear. The quality and integrity of your hair is the equivalent of the craftsmanship of a luxury handbag. You’re worth every dollar.

SLTV: Besides fashion, what other art forms inspire you? Do you use them or reference them when doing hair?
BM: Photography, film, abstract expressionism, minimalism, architecture, typography, etc… Yes, I love to recreate haircuts from classic films, but more literally, all geometric haircutting has an architectural aspect.
SLTV: Tell us something about yourself that the fashion community probably doesn’t know about you.
BM: My favorite music genere is ’80’s ladies.’ Taylor Dayne, Debbie Gibson, Exposé, The Bangles, Rosetta, Laura Brannigan, ect…SLTV: Favorite place to get Tacos in SA?
BM: Taco Palenque

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The next stage in the process was color. Although most women would’ve stopped here, I personally felt it was time for color. And not just any color…. We needed a pro to get this color going. Catch Kristen Michelle in Pt2 of this hair makeover and enjoy the transformation from dark chocolate to Blue.

Burgundy Woods
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Burgundy Woods has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music/Music Industries from the University of the Incarnate Word and a Design & Trend Forecasting degree from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. She began her career in Hollywood, California, where she worked for major record labels such as Virgin Records, Interscope Records, EMI Music and Capitol Records. Later after attaining her fashion degree, she was discovered by MySpace, Inc. and was immediately hired to be their Fashion Curator starring and producing her show THE B-SPOT Fashion & Trends on their Fashion & Shopping channel. During this time, online media was in its infancy. She and her colleagues pioneered and molded the online fashion media industry resulting in over 10 years of experience in fashion news and 20 years of experience in fashion video content. Many of the stylized ideas and tools that were launched through these platforms are still used to this day as industry standards for online fashion media. Later, with her extensive experience in developing online fashion media, she continued the show independently and has successfully rebranded THE B-SPOT into Style Lush TV online fashion network. Now, with over nine professional years in online fashion media and trend forecasting, she continues to pioneer, maneuver and develop her industry. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Style Lush TV. She is also the President of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative. The state's official non-profit for the positive growth of the Texas fashion industry.