LA Makes History with the First Vegan Fashion Week!

LA Makes History with the First Vegan Fashion Week!

The vegan/ethical movement has proven that it’s more than a fad and it’s here to stay. The first ever Vegan Fashion Week, directed by Emmanuelle Rienda and her stylish team, just showed that there is not only a popular demand for more ethical fashion, but there are so many fashion artists moving towards a more humane, ethical and fair way to do fashion. From February 1-4th, the much anticipated four day event took media by storm and we were thrilled to have an opportunity to spend the day amongst vegan fashion designers and activists, at the California Market Center in downtown LA.

Rienda thanking the Vegan Fashion Week team

PC: Fashion United

Emmanuelle had the vision to bring many Vegans and enthusiasts together to start a fashion revolution for the future of protecting and saving animals from the fashion industry. “I want people to understand that we have compassionate and innovative solutions. Even though we are not completely there, we can all come together to make it the norm.”, said Rienda.

For all our curious fashionistas, Vegan fashion means clothing and accessories made from cruelty-free sources that do not use animal products such as leathers and furs. This stylish, chic and educational show was created to elevate ethical fashion standards globally and to pay tribute to ending animal exploitation in all forms.

From the Avant Garde garments that graced the runway, down to the models who wore them, all who partook, lived or believed in a vegan lifestyle. A few of the eco friendly brands that were a part of the show were Matea Benedetti, Noemie Devime, Altiir, Bayem, and many others.

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Another special part of the four day event was a pop-up show that happened hours before the main show. We got the chance to experience a Vegan Lounge showcasing designer brands, beauty products, chic recyclable jewelry and more. As we walked around we were immersed into a world of cruelty-free luxury goods celebrating the birth of a new fashion era.

It was nice to mix and mingle with vendors such as Cici Voise, owner of Blue District. Blue District is unique feminine and urban trendsetting style that focuses on creating edgy, cool fashion that makes you look and feel like a rock star.

Cici’s personal journey to creating her fashion brand, Blue District steamed from her experience of being a recording artist and living a rockstar lifestyle. Realizing that many believed Vegans to be bohoesque, she had a mission to change the perception to show that “You don’t have to kill animals to look amazing and you don’t have to break the bank to be eco friendly either.”

Seen here, handbags by Goldrad

Johnny Concert Makeup, “Compassion is Sexy.”

Jarod-Pi, sustainable fashion for tomorrow!

Seen here, ENDA by Ran Enda.

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