Style Lush Ones to Watch: Adrienne Yunger, The Designer

Style Lush Ones to Watch: Adrienne Yunger, The Designer

In case she isn’t already on your radar, meet Adrienne Yunger.

The UIW graduate entered the world of fashion design in 1999 and set her eyes on unfolding her skills in New York City. While gaining experience in manufacturing with CK Jeans, Yunger established a connection with Vera Wang Bridal and this is where she got the opportunity to work with Vera on shoots for the Vera Wang Bridal book.

Though she eventually made her way back to San Antonio, it was the daring move to the east coast that allowed Yunger to live out her dreams and meet fashion icons such as Oscar De La Renta and Andre Leon Talley. The experience and inspiration she gained is what she brought back with her and has continuously driven her to move forward.

“This tiny woman who had such a strong voice and started her business while in her 40’s inspired me” said Yunger referring to Vera Wang when asked about starting over in San Antonio.

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With the determination to move forward and high fashion experience under her belt, Yunger moved back home and started a family. San Antonio brought her the opportunity to work in pattern making and bridal buying as well as educating. In the midst of all the changes Yunger also managed to design her first collection. Showing with pioneers Agosto Cuellar and Angelina Mata at the famous Runway En La Calle in 2003, she solidified her career goals and the inspiration continued to grow.

Enter Adrienne Yunger, the designer.

Photos from the Catwalk, Comida, Cocktails, and Confetti Fashion Show in San Antonio,TX.

Custom dress designed by Adrienne Yunger for Rey Feo’s wife who was attending the San Antonio Fashion Awards

Designing for the non-traditional woman, Yunger has shown across the country and won awards such as the Austin Fashion Week Fund.

Adrienne Yunger designs at Austin Fashion Week

Adrienne Yunger showcasing her hidden talent on the runway, painting on garments,  at a fashion show in Charleston, SC.

Adrienne Yunger designs at a fashion show in Charleston, SC

So what’s next for Yunger? The designer continues to work on designing bridal gowns, ready to wear, and is also doing some custom work while also working for Southeastern Performance Apparel where she designs samples for nationwide choir programs. With an already pack schedule her big project on the horizon is opening a studio and designing a new collection. Yunger’s upcoming travel plans for fabric sourcing has us here at Style Lush TV very excited, we can’t wait to see what’s she sends down the runway. All we know is, it’ll be beautiful and attainable for women of all sizes. Stay tuned.

Sketches by Yunger for Southeastern Performance Apparel

Adrienne Yunger designs at Houston Fashion Week

Adrienne Yunger designs at Houston Fashion Week

As part of a mash up team the gown pictured won Yunger the Golden Boot Award in Austin, TX.
All photos sourced via @aryunger

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