ZEELAS Launches with a Bang in 2019! Catch up with Grizelda Garza!

ZEELAS Launches with a Bang in 2019! Catch up with Grizelda Garza!

Featured image of Co-Founder/Creator of ZEELAS Apparel & Design, Grizelda Garza, by Vic Hernandez

We sat down with 2017 San Antonio Fashion Awards, Fashion Stylist of the Year, Grizelda Garza to get the scoop on the launch of her online boutique, ZEELAS. The long awaited launch for the new year started with a bang, coming in strong with fashion shows all around the city, featured at the Vida Magazine Launch Party and Innovate the Runway during Dreamweek SA.

SLTV: What’s the story behind ZEELAS? 
GG: When beginning the journey of the ZEELAS brand, all I knew was that the name had to begin with the letter Z. The letter Z is a personal favorite of mine and I just knew it had to be unique, & easy to remember. After weeks and weeks of brainstorming the Brand name with my business partner Eric Garcia, he then intergraded my name Zelda by dropping the letter D and adding the letter E and then ZEELAS was born and founded in early 2018 “true story” lol. We just knew immediately that this was the name for the new business. The name is so unique that the Internet did not have much to offer on the origin or meaning of it so it made things even more exciting for us.

SLTV: Describe your aesthetic for the clothing line.
GG: Our aesthetic for ZEELAS is a fashion destination for edgy and chic styles for our trendy girls who love to create bold statements with their fashion. We are an online retailer that enables women to experiment with their individual style by mixing basics with key pieces and creating bold looks. Our styles definitely look effortless and creative and the ZEELAS brand appeals to someone with an edgy spirit.

SLTV: Who are the featured designers and how were they selected?
GG: Our first Featured Designer is Samantha Plasencia. Samantha is known for her sportswear, urban and chic designs. She has also been featured on the lifetime- hit series Project Runway Season 13 and with her worldwide talent and friendship; we just knew she would be the perfect designer to first feature on ZEELAS.
We choose our Exclusive designers very carefully that must fit our brand image and aesthetics to our styles. ZEELAS values talented designers and we believe in empowering their creativity by co-creating since we are artists ourselves.

SLTV: Where do you see the future of ZEELAS?
This is just the beginning and we have many goals and exciting things in the works for ZEELAS, which will include a men’s apparel line in the future. As a local SA artist, my goal is to definitely showcase our work & designs globally. I definitely see an exciting future for ZEELAS and the goal is to grow & reach woman & men that are searching for a brand that could help unleash their inner confidence through our styles.

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