Meet the LatinX Designers Who Rocked Austin Fashion Week!

Meet the LatinX Designers Who Rocked Austin Fashion Week!

Austin Fashion Week brought so many designers together to represent Texas and even internationally. Here are the standout Latinx Designers who brought the house down for Fashion X Austin!

Celestino Couture

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Austin raised Sergio Guardarrama has created the world of Celestino Couture with perfectly crafted, eco-conscious, fashion forward, women’s and men’s collections. His recent collection was inspired by the Onna-bugeisha, the female Japanese Warriors who were erased from history, until recent discoveries uncovered that nearly 30% of the 19th century samurai warriors  were women. Guardarrama drew inspiration from the Onna-bugeisha to depict the strength go the female spirit with Kimono style gowns, dramatic sleeves and intricate embellishment. Celestino Couture has also incorporated a wider range of sizing from 2 to 14 to cater to more sizes for women.

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Samantha Plasencia

Recently being the featured designer for ZEELAS Boutique & Apparel, Samantha Plasencia has proven time and time again that street style is here to stay. The Austin resident and former Project Runway alum, has a flair for unique patterns and textures and has no plans of slowing down. Being a Latina woman in the industry, she doesn’t feel like she’s any different from others striving to make their mark with their art. “I think race or being a Latina woman wouldn’t make me feel any different than if I was another race reaching for a goal. Each individual has their own identity in the fashion/creative world so being driven and passionate about my craft makes me strive for more. Most people including myself has had a struggle or experience that has made them stronger and created a learning experience for them. This year’s show at FashionX Austin has been very successful [for me] with eight out of the eleven looks sold within a weeks time. Hard work and dedication has been proven to be successful for me in the fifteen years I have been in the design field.”, says Plasencia.

Rosaluna Designs

Jennifer Rosario brought femininity, and a 1960’s inspired collection to Austin Fashion Week with her line ROSALUNA. Floral prints, matching coats and peplum were part of her collection for the BERNINA Fashion Fund Showcase. This was her first time at showing at Fashion X Austin and her first show in over a year. The Afro-Latina designer is of Dominican descent is currently living in Austin, and is also a IUW alum. “For me representation is so important and I just want to show anyone who identifies with me that anything is possible with enough hard work and dedication.”, says Rosario.

Malen Reyes

All Photo Credits: Charles Linn for Fashion X

The Mother/Daughter Duo behind Malen Reyes Couture has a passion to merge classic and modern design. Operating since 2007, Malen Reyes created a brand of high end ready to wear fashion. For AFW, they showcased a collection of gowns that were mostly black, but with intricate sequin designs in black, gold and silver to give and extra dimension to each look.

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