First Look: Bohemian Gemme’s First-Ever Storefront

First Look: Bohemian Gemme’s First-Ever Storefront

Tucked away in a cozy little Southtown corner you’ll find Florence Barrera’s first-ever store, Bohemian Gemme. The trendy space has a boho-chic vibe that manages to capture a laid back spirit where customers can go and feel as though they are dressing up in their very own closet.

It’s been 3 years since Barrera launched her brand having started by designing jewelry and hosting numerous pop-ups around town. After spending some time with the designer we have learned that this has been her most daring move yet as she has rewritten the rules of her life to hit this mega milestone. The commitment to herself and her brand is evident, she’s a woman on a mission with ambition to spare. Read on to discover a little more about this “Gemme” and to find out how you can pick up some fun and fashionable threads.

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SLTV: How did you get started with Bohemian Gemme and what was your inspiration?

BG: I’ve always been into fashion and creating things. When I was 15 my grandmother taught me how to sew which is around the time I began making clothing and handbags for myself. I attempted to pursue a degree in fashion but decided to take another avenue when I became a mother. 18 years and 3 growing boys later, I was looking for an outlet to fulfill my love for fashion that was lost behind superhero’s and video games.  In late summer of 2016 I decided to explore the art of  jewelry making. That was the beginning of Bohemian Gemme.

SLTV: What is the Bohemian Gemme aesthetic?

BG: We love bright colors and bold prints which is what we’re inspired by when designing gemmes. You’ll find a lot of that in our brand.  

SLTV: You make some of your own jewelry, how do you go about making a particular piece? Do you first imagine what you would like to make?

BG: When I’m designing jewelry I usually have an idea of what I’m trying to accomplish. I’ll sit in my studio around all my textiles and supplies, and just go from there. Oftentimes  I’m able to execute exactly as imagined but sometimes I’m not as lucky. However, I’m always able to create a different design along the way. Also, I often have ideas come to me in my sleep.

SLTV: Is there one signature item we can always find at Bohemian Gemme?

BG: Our signature piece would have to be our tassel earrings. Those are our favorite pieces to create and are one of our best sellers. The color combinations are one of a kind and often never duplicated. That’s one of the main reasons why they are our best sellers.

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SLTV: What are you personally into, fashion-wise, right now? Or is there any specific fashion mantra the BG line follows?

BG: Color blocking is one of my favorite obsessions and what you’ll see a lot of in our brand.

Show your support for this local entrepreneur by visiting her storefront situated along the heart of Southtown’s King William District at 721 S. Saint Mary’s St.. For more information visit her website and stay turned to the Style Lush TV Fashion Calendar as we hear there is a special Bohemian Gemme event being planned and it is to be held during Fiesta’s famous King William Fair.

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