First of its kind, Fashion Design Prep Studio launches in the Alamo City!

First of its kind, Fashion Design Prep Studio launches in the Alamo City!

Award winning womenswear Designer from San Antonio, Texas, Golden Skyy, is expanding on the brand and adding “educator” to his list of numerous achievements. With his signature fits and superior creativity, he hopes to offer aspiring fashion design students an intimate, hands on curriculum that focuses on quality, opportunity, and education that genuinely takes artists to the next level.

Golden Skyy

Coming from a long line of tailors on his father’s side and a long line of seamstresses from his mother’s side, Golden first learned about design and construction through his family upbringing. A professional with education from Parsons (New York), Bunka (Tokyo, Japan), and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Dallas, Skyy ultimately graduated from The Art Institute of San Antonio and has come to a passionate realization that offering his training and education on a preparatory level may increase the foundational skill quality of local fashion design talent. As an advocate for the Texas fashion industry, he sees fashion prep as an untapped market and hopes his curriculum will drive the Texas fashion scene forward in a positive way.

If we have top quality professors and elite designers instructing in fashion design colleges, why can’t we have the same quality, industry experience, and passion in a preparatory fashion design studio? Why must we continue to repeat the current method and see our loved ones struggle in college or even worse, fail? I would love to be a positive solution to this ongoing problem.” says Skyy.

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The Golden Skyy Fashion Design Prep Studio offers a four-week curriculum, open to teenagers (starting at 13) through to adult age aspiring designers. Allowing 10 students at a time is intentional. It is strategically set to offer the intimate environment needed for questions and hands on teaching. The first cycle of students will launch class this July 1st and Skyy has reported receiving incredible response even without a formal announcement under his belt.

I had not even gone public yet and already word of mouth has sent me a full list of eager applicants. It’s very exciting.” Skyy says.

Skyy hopes the intimate setting will allow for a true hands on teaching experience for his students.

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The curriculum will revolve around foundational skills designers must master before progressing forward: Fashion Illustration, Pattern Making, and Sewing. Skyy believes that keeping the focus narrowed to these three subjects will strengthen areas currently in need for the local market.

Once these students master these foundational skills, only then will they be prepared for more advanced artistry in the future.” says Skyy.

Things like superior fit, finished hems, deep understanding of patterns and slopers and how to manipulate them correctly are just the tip of the iceberg of what Skyy hopes to instill in his Texas fashion design students.

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As of this year, Skyy is at the forefront of the positive movement happening right now in San Antonio, joining forces with the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative‘s upcoming Silver Jacket Entrepreneur Program so that his top students have opportunity for ongoing business education after his curriculum and even further business education with TFII’s “What’s Next” eduction partners after Silver Jacket.

TFII and I have designed a powerful partnership to strive for positive growth of the Texas fashion industry. I want my students to know that once we give them the art education they love, we have partners that will give them the business education they need.” says Skyy, making his curriculum a rare (but much needed) breed of artistic mastery and business reality.

Golden Skyy Fashion Design Prep Studio


An open house is set for Wednesday, June 15th, from 5pm-9pm at Alamo City Studios located at 1113 E. Houston St. in Downtown, San Antonio, TX. Everyone is encouraged to go out to the studio, take a tour, ask questions and even sign up. The official Ribbon Cutting for the Golden Skyy Fashion Design Prep Studio will take place on June 27th. The event starts at 6:00pm. If you are interested in fashion design, the curriculum or believe you have what it takes to start a strong fashion design brand, come on out to meet the prep studio staff and others who are supporting this first of its kind prep studio in the Alamo City.

I am very confident for my future students and I can’t wait to see them take flight.” – Golden Skyy

Golden Skyy, Head Instructor, Golden Skyy Fashion Design Prep Studio

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