Meet Holly Thaggard of Supergoop! Award winning SPF you’ll love to wear.

Meet Holly Thaggard of Supergoop! Award winning SPF you’ll love to wear.

This Summer is definitely a scorcher! Sun blazing, water activities, BBQ’s and fun in the sun are only some of the reasons we tend to lay on the sunscreen. But, what about on cloudy days? Do you apply any sunscreen in your morning routine? Do you have a walking or biking commute to work? Are you walking your pets or going for a leisurely stroll or bike ride? Are the kids properly protecting for playing in the park or even the schoolyard? When former school teacher, Holly Thaggard, asked herself these questions, the answer was typically no. So, she developed a formula that entices us to be more vigilant about skincare as a way of prevention as opposed to aftercare. Supergoop! SPF products have been on the market since 2007, and ever since it’s been on the rise as a must have in your daily routine, with lightweight products that pack an SPF punch for maximum protection. Alongside award winning products like the Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40, Holly and her team have worked tirelessly to develop products that are fun to wear as well and protectant like their Setting Powder, Setting Mist and even eye makeup. As the Supergoop! offices are based out of the beloved Pearl District in San Antonio, TX we had the opportunity to get to know the Sunscreen Queen herself and learn her biggest tricks of the trade when it comes to beauty, wellness and living in South Texas.

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SLTV: What inspired you to create a sunscreen product line?
HT: I saw an opportunity to change the way the world thinks about sunscreen after a close friend of mine was diagnosed with skin cancer when we were in our early 30s.  From my research, I learned that the number one reason why people didn’t wear sunscreen was because it didn’t feel good on their skin. I also love to create and was super inspired to fill the void in the market for a feel-good, ingredient-conscious, clean product: an SPF that everyone would actually want to wear daily.

SLTV: When you started Supergoop!, did you ever imagine that it would go global and be Award Winning?
HT: I certainly hoped it would! But I’m still so grateful for and humbled by all the mile markers we’ve surpassed. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a wonderful team who has helped us achieve each and every bit of success.

Photo credit: Josh Huskin

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SLTV: What is your take on “Green Beauty”? How Green is Supergoop?
HT: The term “green beauty” can be a little grey for me, so instead I like to say that here at Supergoop!, we are committed to a philosophy of “no compromises” – for people and for the planet. This impacts everything from how we formulate our SPF and the ingredients we choose to even the materials that go into our packaging. We’ve also always been cruelty-free since day one, and all of our products are vegan (with the exception of our lip balm, which contains beeswax).

SLTV: What are your do’s and don’ts when it comes to sunscreen?
HT: My biggest “do” is that you should always reapply sunscreen every two hours. This goes for all skin tones, even those who rarely burn. Our Invincible Setting Powder and Defense Refresh are my two favorites for reapplication throughout the day! Also, “don’t” assume that because it’s a cloudy day you don’t need SPF. I can’t stress enough that even when the sky is cloudy, up to 80% of UV (A & B) rays still hit the ground, so even if it may not seem like a bright, sunny day, there is still a chance your skin can get burned or damaged.

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SLTV: What is your connection to San Antonio and why did you decide to keep the headquarters here?
HT: I’m originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana but made the move to Dallas after college.  I stayed in Dallas for awhile, and after I met my husband, we decided to move closer to his family in San Antonio. It’s been my home – and Supergoop!’s – ever since, and I love our office here.

SLTV: Do you enjoy outdoor activities? Anything in particular you love to do in San Antonio?
HT: Our family loves hiking, biking, and snow skiing. We also love spending time together at our ranch just outside of San Antonio.

Photo via Holly Thaggard

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SLTV: If you could only pick one Supergoop! product to take with you on a Summer Vacation, which would it be?
HT: I am always wearing a full Supergoop! SPF wardrobe – meaning I’m layering different products and formulas to make sure I’m protected from head-to-toe – so this is a tough one for me! I’m always a big fan of our 100% Mineral Matte Screen SPF 40, and traveling with it is great because it almost acts like an Instagram filter for your face…for the perfect “no-makeup makeup” look.  It also helps protects from blue light (the light from your phone) in addition to the sun’s UV rays.

SLTV: What are your favorite 2019 Beauty Trends? What are your Trend predictions for 2020?
HT: I love that the world is finally catching onto the importance of wellness. Trends seem to be pointing more and more towards proactive prevention and all things related to self-care, versus thinking about things from a “How do I repair damage?” perspective. I know our team at Supergoop! is excited to continue developing innovative SPF products that make it easy (and fun!) to wear SPF every single day.

To learn more about Supergoop! and where to purchase, visit! And don’t  forget to always apply and reapply your sunscreen!

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