Style Lush TV is excited to announce that Fashion Week SATX™ has now become TEXAS FASHION WEEK™! Yes, the cat was let out of the bag early this past weekend when the San Antonio Express News leaked word of it on their platform and we are thrilled to offer even more details about the exciting development.

Post by MySanAntonio of the San Antonio Express News

In order to fully align with what the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative non-profit is pioneering and in order to become more inviting to everyone around the state, TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ will takeover the mission of Fashion Week SATX™ and continue on as the state’s official fashion week in support of Industry. The Texas Fashion Industry Initiative is the state’s first and official non-profit dedicated to the positive growth of the Texas fashion industry with a fall fashion week serving as the culmination of its annual calendar of advocacy.

Launching in 2020, TFII’s annual cycle will begin with the Education Department and their Silver Jacket Entrepreneur Program. This will supply recent fashion students or struggling entrepreneurs with both business launch and accelerator curriculum in the hopes of gaining a strong foundational year while pushing for economic development within our market. All the while TFII’s Global Awareness Department (Style Lush TV) serves as the #1 Texas Fashion News resource globally, contributing to the curriculum and featuring talent from Silver Jacket, TFII, San Antonio, all over Texas and high fashion news. The entire cycle will lead up to the Arts & Culture Department where elite fashion events will be made more accessible and where TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ will happen in the Fall. The week long event showcases Texas talent, businesses and other world fashion features. This will be the official time for industry brands to come out and scout Texas talent and like last year, patrons and celebrities can enjoy the fashion shows. Silver Jacket students who graduate from the curriculum will have their break out moments and the San Antonio Fashion Awards will continue to serve as the finale event bringing together the biggest and brightest fashion stars to celebrate excelled talent and businesses within our market.

In order to further bring the state together, TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ will also host the official Texas Fashion Industry Convention™, currently being developed, so that statewide fashion community can drive or fly in, network, find new support, get updated on new developments and resources locally, expand colleague relationships and help build better bridges within our Texas fashion community.

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As the initiative is in fact statewide, the positive impact that it will have directly to San Antonio as a city will not be set aside. TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ is the City’s official celebration of fashion in San Antonio as proclaimed by Mayor Ron Nirenberg in 2018 and it is the goal of the city, industry professionals, partners at SA2020 and the non-profit, that through this platform, it will open up new opportunity for employment in the creative field, create economic impact within the creative sector, increase funding for arts & culture, improve diversity of arts & culture experiences locally, continue to support the vibrancy for Downtown San Antonio, increase entrepreneurship and fashion business sustainability and strengthen our relationships with our fellow Texas cities.

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The initiative comes at a very pivotal time for San Antonio and it is with great honor that the team continue forward with pride and dignity for the greater good and the TFII mission. We want to thank State Representative Diego Bernal, for always acknowledging our efforts and supporting us at such a prestigious level. To our mayor Ron Nirenberg for the honor of the proclamation and to our local Councilman, Roberto Trevino for believing in the vision from the very beginning five years ago and being so present in his help every year. Our TFII members, new 2020 Chairs, Power Advocates and other city partners are also recognized and we look forward to working together for many years to come.

2019 has been a wonderful year. 2014-2019 has been an even deeper journey. As the board of TFII, we vow to continue to be the passionate advocates that we’ve been these past five years, strive for a greater good and create a future for fashion industry that positively impacts everyone. There is always a bigger picture in every year that we produce. Thank you to all our supporters during years 1-5. We could not have come this far without any of you. And now, it’s time to launch Phase 2. The years we bring education to the forefront, and continue developing other initiatives for advocacy. Years 6-10, we are ready. See you in 2020 and here’s to the future of fashion in this great state of Texas!

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