The Corey Broady Handbag that stopped us in our tracks! Get the details here.

The Corey Broady Handbag that stopped us in our tracks! Get the details here.

Back in 2016, a Houston based, aspiring fashion professional named Corey Broady bought a sewing machine.  At the time he was a young man, 22 years old and a junior at the University of Houston, majoring in business. Each day, after the rigorous days of college life, he would hurry home to try to learn more about sewing on his favorite YouTube channels. Slowly, as his passions set in, he started to lose interest in school life, and after much contemplation, he made the big decision to dropped out of college to pursue his self teaching full time.
Although he had always had a passion for clothes, a random shift towards accessories took a hold of him. Suddenly, this felt right. He found his niche, and Broady’s focus anchored on accessories, with handbags and purses fulfilling him as his creative outlet.

Corey Broady, Designer

Corey Broady the brand, is in its early budding season, but holds much promise of fashionable things to come. The recent collection consists of a few fun long sleeve pullovers with personalized embroidery (done by Broady himself) and blue bird embleming, but its his handbags that are stealing the show with their cool and contemporary twists.

Bluebird Mock Neck Pullover, $60 – Corey Broady

A stand out in the recent collection is his leather envelope handbag. Offered in Light Tan and Lipstick Red, this bag can easily transition from day to night. The fun asymmetry of the front flap offers just the right amount of off-kilter edge that this otherwise traditional piece, now feels new again. His use of bike chains, which he carefully curates, cleans, cuts, and fits himself, are fun additions as hand and shoulder straps. This will not only win fans of chic and raw juxtaposition, but it will also be noticed by those who are conscious of repurposing in support of sustainability.

Corey Broady Handbags, $100 
With the ease at which this brand lends itself, we got curious and wanted to know a bit more, so we reached out to Corey with some interview questions and got to know him a little bit better.
SLTV: Corey, you seem to be a very driven designer. Congratulations on the new collection. Where are these products currently being produced?
CB: I do everything in my room: cutting, sewing, and embroidery.
SLTV: Wow! Thats great. The quality is very admirable with everything being produced at a home studio.
SLTV: Are you available at any stores yet? If not, where do you encourage shoppers to find you?
CB: I sell all my products online and at my website CoreyBroady.Com.
SLTV: What inspires your designs?
CB: My biggest inspiration is everyone that I see around me. Today, people want to stand out as much as possible and have something unique to wear. That inspired the use of dirt bike chains for the straps on my bags and that is now my signature look for my brand.

Corey Broady Handbag in Lipstick Red, $100
SLTV: What are some of the current challenges that you are facing as an entrepreneur?
CB: Biggest challenge is wearing many hats throughout the day. It’s something I expect because this is my dream and it doesn’t happen unless I’m doing everything I can to create the products I want.

SLTV: Who are you clients? What would you say is the demo flaunting the Corey Broady style?
CB: My client is that younger kid that spends hours in vintage shops and thrift stores looking for their piece of happiness. Also the millennial that appreciates quality and uniqueness in the clothes that he/she wears.
SLTV: We have a feeling you will attract even more than that. I’m much older than that and I am dying for the lipstick red handbag. lol… It is such a fun piece

Corey Broady Sweatshirt, $40

SLTV: So what does the near future hold for you? More accessories? Maybe more apparel? We are so excited to see what comes next.
CB: More clothes. I also have a huge passion for film that far exceeds my passion for clothes. I just want to tell the right story, I have a few ideas. Just need to iron out a few details.
SLTV: We definitely saw that Super 8 gem on your Instagram. You’re multi-talent is definitely on our radar! Let’s talk soon.

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