Epicc Magazine Launches and our Very Own Burgundy Woods Graces the Cover!

Epicc Magazine Launches and our Very Own Burgundy Woods Graces the Cover!

Raise your hand if reading compelling stories about incredible people, both everyday people and public figures alike, learning more about self-care, mental health, entrepreneurship, and goal setting inspires you to live your dreams! Imagine a publication that delivers everything you need from fashion to travel to health all in one. Can you think of one that checks all of your boxes? Well EPICC Magazine has just launched, and boy, does it deliver! EPICC Magazine is a lifestyle publication based out of San Antonio, TX created to inspire you to achieve your goals. They bring you stories on fashion, beauty, healthy living, travel and more to give you inspiration and believe that you can live a fulfilling life.

EPICC Magazine

If you recognize the cover star on EPICC’s debut issue, that’s because it’s none other that Style Lush TV’s very own Senior Digital Fashion Editor, Burgundy Woods! We at Style Lush TV are extremely proud of our boss for everything she’s done for this industry, for San Antonio and of course, even for us who have the privilege of being part of this company. When asked about the inspiration behind the magazine and cover choice, Founder and Publisher of EPICC Magazine, Denette Buenrostro-Ramirez stated, “I was really tired of seeing the same people featured in our local magazines, and a lot of our magazines, not to take anything away from the great work they do, but a lot of the people who are featured pay to be on them. So, seeing that it was the same people within the magazine and on the cover, I decided that if people were going to be featured in MY magazine, and especially on the cover, they were going to be hand selected by me based on merit, based on an incredible story of adversity and perseverance, and being able to turn their adversity around into something beautiful.” Buenrostro goes on to say, “For me it was a no brainer to put Burgundy on the cover because I felt that she was that inspiration we needed to showcase. She was very successful in her career in Hollywood, and just as all of her life was being put into place she finds out her mother was sick. She had that choice, which was actually not a choice, but the right thing to do. She came back home after 10 years to take care of her mother. A lot of people may have done the same but might have held resentment or become bitter, but Burgundy didn’t do that. She turned around and created something amazing with Style Lush TV, the Texas Fashion Awards (formerly the San Antonio Fashion Awards) and now Texas Fashion Week and yet, she’s one of the most humble people I have ever met! So, that’s what this magazine is about. It’s about merit. overcoming adversity and creating something empowering that we can share with the world.”

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Denette Buenrostro-Ramirez photographed by Waldinei Lafaiete

Buenrostro is no stranger to overcoming adversity herself. As someone who formerly experienced betrayal in business, she overcame her trails and now serves as President and CEO of Epicc Vascular PLLC and Epicc Vascular Holdings, Inc. Denette went from a 15 year long career in Nursing, to training thousands of nurses in IV Therapy and Picc Line Care & Maintenance, to building a multi-million dollar company dedicated to providing best in class Vascular Access Services (Mobile Insertion of Picc and Mid Lines) for hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health agencies, infusion centers and physician offices. She, herself is an inspiration, so it comes to no surprise that Denette decided to share other stories like her own.

Burgundy Woods & Waldinei “Wally” Lafaiete of EPICC Magazine 

The launch party was held at Bistr09, owned by former BITE Restaurant Chef/Owner, Lisa Astorga, who is also one of the Food Editors for the magazine. During the launch party we heard from featured guests like former Texicana star, Luz Ortiz, who has done incredible work raising awareness for Parkinson’s Disease, Uchenna L. Uhme, MD, MBA, FAAP (a.k.a. Dr. Lulu), who talked about teenage mental health and wellness and many others with inspiring stories who contribute to the magazine.

“With this publication, we are now able to give a voice to people who are successful but not a lot of people have heard about them. EPICC Magazine will be the platform to have their voices heard in the community.” emphasized Waldinei Lafaiete, Editor in Chief at EPICC. “That’s the idea behind the magazine! To inspire, to be something positive among all of the negative things we see happening around us and to help people who are doing wonderful things in the community have a spotlight they so deserve.”, he continued.

Lafaiete, former Creative Director at SA Monthly Magazine, has an incredibly inspiring story himself. Emigrating from Brazil during the late 1990’s, he has built his career as a creative and is now Editor in Chief for EPICC Magazine, Maestro Magazine and is on the Board of Directors at Maestro Entrepreneurship Center while also running Lafaiete Creative Productions as a photographer and artist. He recently shared his beautiful immigration story during Dreamweek SA 2020.

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For Burgundy, this is a rare opportunity to share her journey. “Sharing the story on a platform outside of my own has been really rewarding. I feel that a lot of times people only see who I am on camera and have told me that they thought my life has been really perfect and that it’s been glamorous since my Hollywood days and that everything has come easy to me.”, said Woods. “But sharing what really happened and what really brought me here always opens up a new line of understanding as far as who I am and the true nature of what my life means.” she continued.

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Burgundy took the time to express her joy of inspiring others with this feature and allowed outside people into a part of her life you wouldn’t normally see as she meets and greets people during fashion events.

“I think everyone in life has that moment when something extraordinarily devastating happens, and it comes out of nowhere. We are in the darkest place we’ve ever been, and so people can relate to my story. What’s happened to me, is proof that even in your darkest hour you can rise up from the ashes and find happiness once again in a place that you never originally intended to go. These days the path that I am on has made me happier than I ever was in Hollywood, and more fulfilled than I think I could ever have been, had I not gone through such a tragedy.”, she candidly confessed.

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Denette and Burgundy embrace at the EPICC Magazine launch party

The debut issue of EPICC Magazine is now available in digital form and can be found here. They are currently working on a printed copy for future issues, but their main focus will remain on the digital forefront. For more, follow EPICC Magazine on social media and visit the site to subscribe to their free publications.

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All photography provided by the newest Style Lush TV Team Member, Saige Thomas

Saige Thomas Photography

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