New European Luxury Brand in San Antonio, TX! Purificación García Opens It’s Second Store In The U.S!

New European Luxury Brand in San Antonio, TX! Purificación García Opens It’s Second Store In The U.S!

Calling all San Antonio fashionistas! A fabulous new store has arrived at La Cantera Shopping Mall and we’re here to give you all the details on this new addition to our city. Purificación García is a high end luxury clothing and accessory store for Women and Men who’s style is unique and classic all at the same time. Born in Spain and raised in Uruguay, Purificación García began her journey in design during the 70s, where she worked for a fabric company and started as an apprentice, designing clothes as a hobby. She embraced the 70s culture and designed all prints to be boho-chic, beachy and heavily incorporated tie-dye. 10 years later and she released her first collection in 1981 in Barcelona, Spain. By 1983 she was integrated into the national market, participating each year in the Madrid and Barcelona fashion shows. A couple of years later García opened her first store in Antwerp, Belgium and in 1989 she participated for the first time on the infamous catwalks of Milan, where Italian critics raved about her work. Purificación García now has stores in over 20 countries, United States being one of them. You can find them in Florida, and now for the first time ever, in San Antonio, Texas.

Spanish Fashion Designer, Purificación García

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We were beyond thrilled to chat with Purificación García’s San Antonio store manager, Ali Meyer about the opening of their second United States store. Read on to find out more on Purificación García.

SLTV: We are so happy to have you in our city! We heard this is only the 2nd store to open in the United States, what made the brand choose San Antonio,TX?
San Antonio is a multicultural city, it’s growing, and attracts so many different clients from other areas which is our target market.

 SLTV: Very true, our city is known for it’s diversity. How would you describe the style of the company? And who is your ideal target market?
AM: Style- architectural, free, dynamic, fun, bohemian, avant-garde, feminine, masculine, colorful, dreamy, a balance between desires and responsibilities. Our target is the real woman- sometimes she wants comfort without sacrificing style, she’s informed on trends and loves design. She doesn’t sacrifice her image to fashions dictations. Sometimes she wants to relax and other times seduce- the client we hope to attract is the client who likes the unification of functionality and design. The target man is restless and curious, looking for comfort without forgetting trends, a man who enjoys each moment and knows what he wants. We relax the details and strict protocol that characterizes the elegance in a mans wardrobe by personalizing the details. Our collection targets someone who would like versatile pieces sometimes daring and sometimes discreet. Purificación García has something for everyone.

Purificación García at the Shops at La Cantera, San Antonio, Texas. 

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SLTV:  What is the overall mission Purificación García strives for?
AM: Our philosophy associates quality with original and innovative designs to offer clothes or accessories that have been imprinted not only with our brand but our life philosophy. Purificacion García is dynamic, is free, is daring, is innovation, emotion and it’s a start of mind. Each collection is created based on this philosophy of life and each becomes a magical box of which everyone can draw their own view point.

Purificación García at the Shops at La Cantera, San Antonio, Texas. 

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SLTV: What a beautiful philosophy to live by. Being that this is a Spanish brand, how do you see Spanish influences in the designs?
AM: Everything stems from Purificación herself her original point of view, raised in Spain then moving to Uruguay helped to shape Purificación’s point of view, she lived also in Canada and New York before establishing herself in Barcelona. Each of our collections pays homage to “flashes of ideas” times and places she once visited, collected ideas from travel, and art and photography. Much like other European brands we showcase our love of design and trends. Our collections never lack well cut basics that make the perfect addition to ones wardrobe and they never compromise style. Our collections are unique and use the most on trend colors and design elements.

SLTV: That is so inspiring to know that every detail behind the collections are true to Purificación’s life journey. The colors and designs are phenomenal. What is it that makes this brand stand out from the rest?
AM: Our lifestyle – comfort meeting trend and design. You can find something for everyday, for fiestas, for time with family or friends. We also have the best fabrics, colors, and accessories the colors and designs are truly unique to PG.

Purificación García at the Shops at La Cantera, San Antonio, Texas. 

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SLTV: We have loved hearing about PG and can’t wait to see more! Will you be having in store events or fashion shows we can look forward to?
Yes! We plan to have some events in the future! Stay tuned.

SLTV: With a fashion community that is ever evolving in San Antonio, how would you want to get involved with the San Antonio Fashion community?
AM: We want to be known as the go to location for all the thoughts previously mentioned. We hope to be a leader in dressing beautifully at an amazing price.

We hope you are as excited to shop at PG as much as we are! Purificación García is now officially open and ready for business. Hustle over there and score some fabulous new threads. To keep up with PG follow their Instagram and browse through their WEBSITE!

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