Notable Fashion Closet, by the Neiman Marcus Brothers, in Denton Texas.

Notable Fashion Closet, by the Neiman Marcus Brothers, in Denton Texas.

One of the most valuable and iconic fashion collections in the nation is being stored inside a dusty orange building in Denton, Texas. This building, located next to the University of North Texas, is a little more than 4,500 square feet of pure fashion. The Texas Fashion Collection contains everything from 18th-century coats to modern-day Alexander McQueen dresses. Maternity gear, streetwear, couture treasures, home economic experiments, bridal gowns, lingerie, and ceremonial ensembles from indigenous cultures can also be seen here. The accessories collection includes nearly 1,400 pairs of shoes, 2,500 hats, and 750 handbags. Altogether, there are almost 20,000 pieces under this one roof.

Victor Costa Wedding Dress

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The Marcus brothers planted the seeds of their fashion collection and started gathering the 20th-century styles in the late 1930s, to showcase fashion and where it all began for them. In honor of their aunt, Carrie Marcus Neiman, who was the co-founder of Neiman Marcus, the brothers made it a point to keep their collection of irreplaceable fashion pieces in Dallas, Texas. Today the Dallas Fashion Group is in charge of the care of the garments and has made it more of a resource for artists, authors, and curators to gain inspiration from. This museum serves as a great resource for the students of UNT’s Fashion program.

Michael Faircloth evening coat of silk brocade 2012  

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The Marcus brothers wanted this exhibit to serve as a resource, therefore moving it to Denton. In addition, most of the collection came from individual donors who have a collection to North Texas. This collection represents the history and the innovative craftsmanship of the pieces and the people who wore them. In just recent news, the museum is now open for public tours. Many fashion obsessors have visited to see the magnitude of the collection. We have seen everyone from Vogue’s Hamish Bowles, Akiko Fukai, curator of Japan’s famed Kyoto Costume Institute, André Leon Talley, and many more.

Comme Des Garcons, Spring 2014 

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The Texas Fashion Collection is available by appointment only, for tours and research appointments, between 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Due to staffing limitations, however, they advise the public to not shy away from visiting the museum if you want to make an appointment.

Miao Festival Headpiece

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They want the photos and garments to remind everyone that clothing is meaningful, no matter the price. Everything in the collection is something a Texan wore and loved which makes it a part of their personal history. It’s now preserved for the future, safely for many years to come.

 Todd Oldman Spring 1996

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