The William Hotel brings Elegance to the Hill Country

The William Hotel brings Elegance to the Hill Country

Picture yourself in a room in a historic building, overlooking Main Street, elegantly decorated with soft details, the comfiest bedding, luxurious draping, fresh flowers and everything thing at the palm of your hand. Where in the Continental U.S. did you imagine this can be? Did you envision Boerne, Texas? Then you guessed right! The William Hotel is a newly renovated Boutique Hotel snuggled in the Hill Country in the heart of Boerne. With only 11 rooms, no lobby, perched above a restaurant right on Main Street, The William is a unique experience that intends to bring you “Elegance in the Hills”. We had the a chance to sit down with the hotel’s Owner and Chief Marketing Officer, Scarlett Ramey, for an exclusive inside look at what it means to be a No. 1 USA Today’s 10 Best ranked boutique hotel in the heart of the Hill Country in Texas.

Photo courtesy of The William Boerne

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SLTV: I’m going to be honest, I had no idea there was a boutique hotel in Boerne until I was introduced to you. I’m blown away by this room! Tell us, why did you decide to move to Boerne?
SR: Boerne has so much to offer! It’s not just a pitstop on the way to Fredericksburg. No, this is a destination, this is where you wanna be and everything you want is here. So, I wanted to utilize the hotel to show that. I saw it as an opportunity to elevate Boerne.

SLTV: Absolutely! I have noticed more going on with Boerne recently, when I attended an event you hosted and really noticed how cute the Main Street was! The William was a standout building as I drove through. Tell about the history and how you came across it.
SR: I was living in Seattle, running a Nutrition Center specializing in Eating Disorders. My parents had bought this building in Boerne and decided that with my experience in marketing, together we can revamp the hotel and turn it into a Boutique experience. We had bought the hotel 2 years after it had opened, so with little experience in hotel management, we needed help. My friend, who had hotel experience, was in the market for a new job and I said, “We can do this together!” So, Stacy Champ jumped in and saved the day. Today, we count on Lyndsey Hayden to manage the hotel and she is very detailed oriented, running a tight ship. The building is too pretty to let it waste away. The goal is to be the best in town and worth every single penny, and I feel that we achieve that every day.

Room 200. Photo courtesy of The William Boerne

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SLTV: So, how would you describe your role at The William?
SR: Basically, I get to throw events and fundraisers like the Fashion in the Hills and the Industry Social, the latter was a huge event for Industry Leaders in event planning. We invited event planners all over Texas to get to take a look at the Hotel and tour the newly renovated Room 200. Deborah Roerig from Double “R” Dry Goods gets full credit for redesigning the entire corner room into the most luxurious thing in the world, and we are so happy with it , we put her work all over our website, and anything in that room is available for purchase and shipped straight to you! It’s beautiful, because the hotel is such a blank slate that allows me to showcase our local talents. luxury services and so much more! It just means a lot to me to be able to elevate people and share what they’re doing within the community and the world!

Room 200. Photo courtesy of The William Boerne

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SLTV: I love that you want to highlight Boerne, since it is a smaller town and with you bringing that elevated experience to the town, what is the main goal of The William?
SR: I would love to aspire to be the heart of Boerne, as The William, as THE place people visit to learn about the heroes of this town. Obviously, for the hotel itself the goal is to fill up and be prosperous, but my goal with marketing for The William is to develop it into the heart of Boerne.

SLTV: Yes! I love that! I did notice your new marketing vibe is very modern. The town itself is very vintage and antiques and history driven, and I noticed the new marketing material is modern, clean, fashionable and sexy. What type of client are you intending to attract these days?
SR: Well, my audience is younger. Who I’m trying to attract is the newer thought leaders, you know, the Gabby Bernsteins. I want people to come here and write their next inspirational or motivational books in my hotel. I want this to be that place where everyone feels inspired enough where they feel cared for enough but also left alone in order to create masterpieces. I want the newest painter, the newest talent, I want the GREATS to be attracted to our hotel and help hone an environment that they can can feel creative and feel safe being creative here.

Photo courtesy of The William Boerne – Repost from @woodywondersandwanders

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