Top Instagram-Worthy Spots In San Antonio, Texas! You won’t believe your eyes.

Top Instagram-Worthy Spots In San Antonio, Texas! You won’t believe your eyes.

Picture this, you’re in bed hoping that the endless scrolling through your phone helps you fall quietly asleep when all of a sudden you see the most gorgeous and unique photo posted on Instagram. The location of it is a must and when you look at it, you know you have to put your own twist on it. After far too many minutes searching the tags on the photo and creeping on the IG stories, its a bust and you’ve given up on finding the whereabouts on an amazing IG-worthy moment. Think again! We’re here to show you all the hottest Instagram-worthy locations in and around San Antonio, TX. For those who reside or are visiting the Alamo city, fear not, we’ve got your socials covered!

Location: 8800 Broadway St Suite #116
Cost: $15-25

Locals and visitors alike have been beaming over the fantasies within The Wonder Chamber. It is a space to get creative, take some incredible photos, and interact with immersive art! The endless spaces of IG-worthy shots are crazy epic here, they have 12 rooms that will transport you to the stars, the clouds and even let you swing from a rainbow. It is set to inspire anyone who enters and is a place that’s best to go in groups and have fun with friends or family!

Images Sourced From Wonder Chamber Instagram
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Location: 15122 FM 775, La Vernia, TX 78121
Cost: $5 Entry $2.50 per tulip

Texas Tulips is a super cute IG spot for the Spring time! It’s new to the San Antonio scene but has been extremely popular since it’s opening on January 23rd. Located about 45 minutes East of SA, you’ll find rows and rows of beautifully collared tulips that you can hand pick and take home with you. This is a great Galentine’s spot and date spot for your loved one! Catch ’em while you still can, every day hundreds of tulips are picked and everyday hundreds of them come peeking through the ground. Texas Tulip Farm will be open until early March when tulip season comes to a close. 

Images sourced from Texas Tulips San Antonio Instagram
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Location: Between the Murals at Midtown and Highway 281
Cost: Free

Thanks to the San Antonio Street Art Initiative, Street Art now has a place in San Antonio culture and it is here to stay. This non-profit founded the street art movement and has led the way for the embrace of mural street art all over town. In its mission to create the “Largest Outdoor Gallery in Texas™” they have succeeded in creating over 50 murals within a condensed area, creating well paid jobs for many artists and setting the bar for street art advocacy within Texas. Want to kill two birds wit one stone? Visit the St. Mary’s Strip, a vibrant entertainment district in central San Antonio where many of these incredible works of art can be seen. Take in a photoshoot starting at the Murals at Midtown, an innovative project that transformed the pillars under the highway into colossal columns of street art, and then scoot your way up to the heart of The St. Mary’s Strip, where some of San Antonio’s best nightlife can be found. Be on the lookout for the exterior walls of the bars, restaurants and businesses as you journey out. This is where you will catch all the instagram worthy moments you won’t want to miss.

SASAI Project – Murals at Midtown, various artists, Image sourced at website

Location: Long term parking garage
Cost: (under 15 minutes – Free)

There is a magical place where cultures collide and reach new heights together. It’s a little place called, the San Antonio Long Term Parking Garage? Yup. That’s right, the San Antonio Street Art Initiative strikes again! Enjoy new murals by five artists on each level of the long term parking garage at the San Antonio airport. In one of SASAI’s more recent projects they’ve managed to create one of San Antonio’s most sought after instasnaps simply because they are so hard to find. Well, not anymore! Catch this masterpiece by Artist, Ana Laura on level 4 and a hand full of others on the other floors to flex that Instagram grid muscle. If you keep the visit under 15 minutes it free!

SASAI Project – Art by Artist Ana Laura, Image sourced at SASAI Facebook

Location: 51 Essex St, San Antonio, TX 78210
Cost: Free

Leaning into that street art movement, we have another instagramable palace just outside of Southtown The Arts District. You’ve seen the IG posts in front of the “You Belong Here,” well how could we not mention Essex Modern City! This area under development is a more recent art project and is home to even more instagram worthy backdrops. They are known for their recent music festival and mid month parties on Saturdays. The colorful photos speak volumes and is definitely a must! P.S. Don’t forget to always tag the amazing street artists in your IG photos!

Images sourced from Essex Modern City Instagram
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Location: 1524, 102 9th St #400, San Antonio, TX 78215

Paramour has been one of my favorite hot spots in town for beautiful and tasty drinks, a fun atmosphere and the best places for photos. From the rooftop, you’ll have amazing views of San Antonio’s skyline, while sipping on cocktails and siting on bright colored thrones. Inside, you’ll find gorgeous colored walls and sofas to lounge in and even have some fun and unique entertainment! If you want to step out with your style and have some fun, this Is the bar to head to!

Images sourced from Paramour Bar Instagram
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These are but a few of the amazing spots in town. If you want to snag some photos in traditional San Antonio fashion, places like the Alamo/The Spanish Colonial Missions, Riverwalk, Historic Market Square and The Historic Pearl are your places.  San Antonio is an ever growing city with a great art scene and so much to offer, it’s hard for us to jot them all down, but for now we leave you with 6 amazing new places to visit! Now go on, you social butterfly and show the world the wonders that await them in good ‘ol San Antonio, Texas!

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