3 Motivating Tips to Remember when Branding your Business!

3 Motivating Tips to Remember when Branding your Business!

Are you having difficulty with finding your brand message or simply got off track with it? Are your thoughts not translating to your social media feeds? Your brand is a reflection of key values that resonate with your clients and consumers and one direct way to reach them faster is through social media.

Seen here is VRARE. 

Social media is all about bringing out the best in your business artistically and creatively. With over 2 billion users worldwide making up 25% of our population, it can seem intimidating, irritating and deflating seeing other brands rise as you stand still, but the truth is you can too! Despite this large number, only 30% of people use social media to brand and advertise. Although you maybe in the same market as retail, your brand should be unique, powerful and have the imagery to tell its story. You have what it takes, now it’s time to plan and execute with these three motivating tips and some inspiration from some of our Texas Fashion Industry professionals.

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Tip #1: Know your brand’s message and target audience. 

The key to any great brand is knowing your message and target audience. Your message is your brand’s personality and your target audience is who you’re expressing it to in hopes to inspire your customer. By inspiring them, you also want to ensure sales for your business.  Let’s look at a couple of our elite Texas retailers, for example. There are many people in the business of retail such as Rosa Isela Couture, VRare and Underground Fashion House, however, each of these retailers have their own unique brand message and target audience.

Seen here is Rosa Isela Couture Milliner 

Rosa Isela Couture is a women’s luxury couture hat brand. These delicate handmade hats made by Rosa Romo translate the essence of beauty in every detail. With every photo and video, she conveys a transformation of pure sophistication and the chic fashionable lifestyle her shoppers lead.

Seen here is Bravo’s Texicana, Mayra Farret, wearing Rosa Isela Couture Milliner 

For more inspiration, follow @RosaIselaCouture on IG

VRARE, a streetwear brand founded by Nick Kirpes, has a fun artistic vintage brand message that speaks to a more casual shopper who enjoys vintage art wearables. VRARE’s social media platforms show vintage denim jackets with splashes of paint, with a global urban streetwear vibe.

Seen here VRARE brand

Seen here is VRARE. For more brand ideas and inspiration follow @VRARE IG

Underground Fashion House, founded by Marcus Orlando, has a more luxury contemporary brand message that attracts the eye of the edgy couture consumer. His use of bold colors, block lettering, the use of patches and well structured garments draw a more daring customer.

Seen here is Underground Fashion House brand

Seen here is Underground Fashion House brand

For more inspiration follow @UndergroundFashionHouse on IG

Although these three brands are in the same business of retail, they each have their own powerful brand message with a diverse clientele. These brands also utilize their Instagram profile to describe their brand in 150 words or less, and they use the About profile page on Facebook, as well. Not utilizing these two sections for your brand is a missed opportunity to spread your message.

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Tip #2: Get creative. Plan and execute.

While having a brand message and knowing your target audience is half the battle, the next important tip is to get creative, plan and execute you amazing ideas to make your brand appear more cohesively. Branding is all about story telling and showing off your business in a bold captivating way that evokes the right emotion for your brand. This is an opportunity for you to story board and plan the day to create content to fit your brand image. Show off your work through pictures or video by picking a theme and creating a story. In some cases, a theme 0r collection name is chosen first, then the story is built around the collection. Photographers also have a great way of telling their brands story through photography.


Seen here Jana Cantua Photography 

Texas Fashion Industry photographer Jana Cantua from Jana Cantua Photography, captures the essence of a colorful South Texas vintage mod fashion that evoke a classic chic Mexican western vibe.

Seen here Jana Cantua Photography 

For more inspiration follow @JanaCantuaPhotography on IG

With every photo she is consistent and sure to take her viewer away into the life style of “That 70’s Girl”, where colors and cattle clash with couture looks. Her instagram account shows her amazing eye for this style of fashion photography.

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Tip #3: Be consistent

In the world of social media, we are addicted to the immediate gratification we receive from likes, follows and comments but deflated when not all posts receive the same feedback. This may be due to your lack of consistency. On average, you should attempt to post 3 times a week but posting daily will increase your brand awareness. There are 134 million active users and each user posts 1 to 3 times daily. This may be disheartening, but keep in mind that these may be users of the platform, not customers and it’s important to focus your energy to your loyal customer base setting specific days to share your content. According to Forbes, “When your content quality, quantity or schedule isn’t consistent, it can confuse your customers. This can also lead to drop in follows, which could lead to loss of sales. They are looking forward to your daily inspiration to motivate their every mood and even purchase.”

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Lastly, for a bonus tip, don’t be afraid to ask your local creative community to collaborate if you feel their brand message aligns with yours. Each of you can benefit from the collaboration when the project is complete. This is a great way to keep your brand’s message, get creative with planning your project, and be accountable for launching content on your designated days. It also helps to tag each brand in the collaboration to gain attention from each others customers. For more stylish news, be sure to check in with us daily to see all of our trending now style content on www.StyleLushTV.com.

Kaia Dublin
[email protected]

Kaia is a Trendsetter Member of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative currently learning about online fashion media and content creation through its mentorship opportunity. A fashion and music entrepreneur who is local at heart with an international outlook, Kaia Dublin is a Texas digital influencer, and fashion blogger who enjoys expressing herself with trendy-chic looks for the women on the go! Kaia also has a background in behavior health, working with children and families with special needs. Most recently she has been modeling and styling campaigns for her local fashion community and enjoys her position with Style Lush TV as their Fashion Services Coordinator.