Makeup Innovator of the Year Cynthia Hernandez sets out for the next big thing! Insider scoop on Holy Mother of Makeup.

Makeup Innovator of the Year Cynthia Hernandez sets out for the next big thing! Insider scoop on Holy Mother of Makeup.

The makeup movement has seen so much change in recent years. With the high volume of younger generations making it accessible through online channels, more and more people are embracing the fact that makeup does not have to be intimidating. It can be healing. It can be spiritual. It can be transformative. It can be life changing.

It can also be a celebration of your culture.

Today we celebrate one of Texas’ top makeup artists and the current title holder of the 2019 San Antonio Fashion Awards Makeup Innovator of the Year award, Cynthia Hernandez. With her incredible journey and numerous accolades, she is a prime example of a self-taught talent who was destined to be an industry leader and the newest Texan with a makeup launch right around the corner.

Her journey begins in her early twenties, working with the old school photo studio, Glamor Shots. There she could experiment with people’s look, learn to listen carefully to her clients and have fun with makeup and style. It didn’t take long however, until her natural born talent got the attention of Christian Dior, which moved her to San Antonio and then soon again by Nordstrom to be recruited as the beauty manager for Estee Lauder in 2007. But it wasn’t until she worked for MAC Cosmetics that her award winning talent began to take shape. Her international awards for her makeup face charts launched her into a new echelon of beauty talents and it was then that she knew it was time to make some power moves. New York Fashion Week.

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During her many years working the coveted gigs of New York Fashion weeks, she began building her elite colleague list. Among her more notable makeup gigs, she’s worked alongside James Vincent and Denessa Myricks. She rapidly built a name for herself in the industry and through her travels, developed an even broader scope of clientele, finding a niche within the Indian community. Here, she would hone her skills by working traditional Indian bridal parties that would span over a period of 5 days and sometimes up to 18 girls a day, her endurance and efficiency all the while becoming instinctual.

Cynthia Hernandez, Photographed by Liz Garza Williams 

Now, years well into her award winning career, Cynthia has taken the plunge to express her talents in a new way. She will be launching her very own cosmetics line. Founded in 2019 by Cynthia Hernandez and Erica Lahood, Holy Mother of Makeup, had its start not too long ago with Cynthia developing the makeup line and Erica handling the accounting and business. It was a handful of months ago however that the missing puzzle piece would soon step in. Now with the experienced PR skills of Xitlalt Herrera-Salazar The Divine Intervention Collection is coming full circle and has recently completed designing its first campaign entitled “Soy Latina”, set to launch nationally in the upcoming months.

HMM: The Divine Intervention Team from left to right, Xitlalt Herrera-Salazar,
Cynthia Hernandez and Erica LaHood – Photographed by Liz Garza Williams

The brand strives to start a new innovation in makeup by highlighting Cynthia’s culture and the many types of women that make up Latina pride. The line is founded in capturing “the unique essence and allure of Latinas to perfectly match the beauty they carry within” and is 100% cruelty free, vegan and highlights Latina empowerment with the campaign hashtag #hmmovement. The official teaser website currently stars 14 women who share a brief statement in sharable social media videos about their Latina pride and a call to action to “join the movement!” The makeup line is set to launch May 5th, but you heard it here first, pre-sales for The Divine Intervention Collection will begin next month on April 6th at HolyMotherOfMakeup.Com.

HMM: Soy Latina Campaign Image, Photographed by Liz Garza Williams 

We sat down with Cynthia to catch up on what’s been going on since that glorious win at the San Antonio Fashion Awards and to get to know more about her, gain some insider knowledge and maybe even get her to slip us some professional advice. Here’s what she had to say.

SLTV: Wow! It’s been a while since the fashion awards Cynthia. It’s so nice to be speaking with you so we can catch up. So let’s start from the beginning. Glamour Shots huh?! Wow. I remember that. It was such an innovative concept for the time. (For our younger readers who have no clue what this was, here’s quick explanation. In the 80’s if you wanted a nice headshot or a portrait of yourself, you had to drive aaallll the way down to you local mall and actually sit down in a studio, have your photo taken and wait up to a week to see your proofs. Glamour Shots was the first photo studio in the industry to not only show customers their proofs on a monitor screen immediately after their session, they also became known for their elite makeup and makeover staff who would transform your look in one sitting. The photoshoot then highlighted the makeover and you could purchase your “glamour shots” right there in the studio, same day. It was very groundbreaking for the time and the glam squad was a highly competitive gig to score.) Cynthia, what was that like? I’m so anxious to go down memory lane with you. lol. I think many people our age have fond memories of Glamour Shots. What are some memories from that time Period that you remember.  
CH: Such a different time for makeup. There was no pinterest, instagram, nothing like that, people would bring pulls from magazines and you would go from there. I feel lucky to have worked thru the makeup evolution and see it before my eyes change so much.
SLTV: Yes, I can imagine. Inspiration sources really were limited to us back in the day. Magazines were by far, one of my only sources for a very long time. My, how far we’ve come.

Cynthia Hernandez

SLTV: You have quite an extensive resume of many, many achievements. In fact you hold the title as Makeup Innovator of the Year for the fashion awards. What would you say defines success in your industry?
CH: Being able to stay busy in all mediums of the art, Film, Fashion Photography, Beauty Makeup, Body Painting, Male Grooming, to Facilitating Master Classes, Keying Beauty Events and traveling with Private Clients. To me, that has defined success.

SLTV: What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in a successful makeup artist?
CH: Ultimate Soft Skills! Listening and knowing the client! And staying on top of your appointment book!

SLTV: With a resume like yours, you must always be on the pulse of what’s hot. How do you stay abreast of the latest beauty trends?

CH: I really do follow NYFW the most, taking in color and textures from the runways, influencers, and what’s trending on social media. I also have my favorite artists I watch, Pat Mcgrath, Danessa Myricks, Alex Boxx, Val Garner, and Kuboki.

SLTV: For aspiring MUAs describe a day in the life.

CH: My Last photo shoot was a 7 hr day. Call time was noon, so I set up at 11:30am to be prepared to promptly start at call time. We shot 4 models, 3 with 2 different looks, one, with 3 different looks, so we executed 9 different makeup looks total. Time does fly for me because I am in love with what I do. But it does depend on me keeping the flow of things so nothing falls behind.

SLTV: Ok. A fun question. What is your favorite celebrity makeup look right now and why?
CH: I’d have to say anything from Danessa Myricks. I love the way she does skin. It’s so beautiful and clean and her use of color is out of this world!
SLTV: What celebrity makeup look are you so over?
CH: I’m so over the dry matte lip.
SLTV: haha… I don’t know why I think that is so funny. Good one.

Holy Mother of Makeup Campaign Image, Photographed by Liz Garza Williams 

SLTV: For educational purposes, a client is not happy with their look. How should a makeup artist respond?
CH: I feel like that goes back to soft skills and talking and listening to your clients, be it a person or a brand. Understanding each other and making sure both of you are on the same page before the whole process begins, will ensure a great job is done.

Behind the scenes at the Holy Mother of Makeup photoshoot.
Makeup by Cynthia Hernandez

SLTV: You are so on top of your game. That tells me that there must have been many wary lessons learned along the way. Can you tell us about a time when you made a mistake. Then what did you take from it. How did it make you a stronger MUA?
CH: I’ll never forget my first time working NYFW with James Vincent and Danessa Myricks. I walked into the room pulling my HUGE makeup kit with EVERYTHING packed in there… and James pulls out his kit… the size of a notebook maybe 4 inches thick… I was so embarrassed. I learned to only pack skin necessities and that most shows have a makeup sponsor so they provide the colors for the looks, but it taught me that even when you have achieved so much that there will be times u walk in the room a bit nervous. Just be prepared to show them why you made it there in the first place.

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Stay tuned as we will have follow up on the Holy Mother of Makeup May launch itself! For now, it’s countdown to April 6th when you can get your pre-orders in at HolyMotherOfMakeup.Com to guarantee that you get your Divine Intervention Collection and your own symbol of Latina empowerment.

Follow Holy Mother of Makeup to stay in the loop and continue to watch Style Lush TV for more coverage of the big day!

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