Rising Photography Star Joins Style Lush TV Team: Meet Saige Thomas!

Rising Photography Star Joins Style Lush TV Team: Meet Saige Thomas!

For over half a decade, Style Lush TV has been working very hard to become the number one source of Global Awareness for the Texas Fashion Industry. As a small startup, we have seen people come and go, and slowly but surely we’ve been building a team of strong, passionate members who believe in the cause and truly believe that Texas is a force to be reckoned with, filled with talented, hard working individuals that are building a Fashion Industry that can be at the level of New York and Los Angeles in the industry.  This female ran, diverse team has worked day and night to build a non-profit organization, the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative 501c3, hosting the first industry driven Fashion Week SATX and 5 years celebrating the San Antonio Fashion Awards. Now, we set to host the first Texas Fashion Week and Fashion Awards so the work continues and we are so fortunate to continue to grow our team to push our mission even further. From former model, to Active Duty Air Force, to photography, we introduce the quickly rising powerhouse, Saige Thomas, joining the Style Lush TV team as our official photographer. We want you to become familiar with this budding talent as she will be working side by side with our team members, not only documenting events that YOU and SLTV host, but also shooting campaigns and so much more. Get to know Saige, as she shares the scoop on how she got to where she is in the fashion industry today!

Saige Thomas Photographed by Christy Anna Photography

SLTV: I know you mentioned that you just started in photography, but exactly how long have you considered yourself a photographer?
ST: Well, since December 2019. (laughs)

SLTV: Wow, yet in seems like so much longer! I do feel like I’ve seen you in the fashion scene for a while now. How long have you been involved in any way with the fashion community?
ST: I used to do some modeling with a brand over 10 years ago and when I was young I used to have this dream of doing graphic design and designing sneakers. I actually did get to design and make t-shirts for myself and my friends. I was part of a blogger community in San Antonio a few years ago because I wanted to meet more local business owners and establish relationships with them. I just wanted to support San Antonio, because I do love this city. If I have to choose between supporting local versus big companies, I choose local because I know it’s gonna feed a family and not some huge corporation.

Model Jayla shot by Saige Thomas

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SLTV: We love San Antonio, too! So, where are you from originally? What brought you to the Alamo City and why do you love it so much?
ST: I’m from Pennsylvania and I moved here about 10 years ago with my military job. As I’ve been living here, I’ve just been falling in love with the city. Between Second Saturday and the Art Markets, I’ve been able to see the impacts of when you support a business that is locally owned, I mean it’s directly related to it’s growth. That’s been my main driver, just seeing the growth here and thinking “Hey, I wanna be part of this. I wanna help that growth.”

SLTV: Wow, Saige! Thank you for your service! I know you are Active Duty, can you tell us a little bit about your military background?
ST: I used to be a patient advocate, and currently I’m an Orthopedic Surgical Technologist with United States Air Force. So, I help out with casting and splinting, but I also go to the OR with the doctors that I work with and assist with the surgical pieces. Whenever I deployed, it was with my job as an OR Tech so I have been in this position for 10 years.

Saige Thomas Photographed by Christy Anna Photography

SLTV: Being in the medical field, I’m sure you needed a creative outlet, so it made sense that you decided to get involved with photography. What made you choose specifically photography as that outlet?
ST: It’s kinda funny, because when I joined the military one of the jobs that I applied for was Military Photography going on locations to document what’s going on there, but there was a need for people in the medical field and that’s how I ended up with my medical position. As far as a passion for photography, it really started when I was young during the Summers in Brooklyn, NY with my father who’s an architect, and I would take photos of everything with my little digital camera. He turned the photos into a book; it was so sweet. Since he’s an architect, I feel that I’ve grown up with a lot of art and a lot of creativity around me. I definitely have a love for that world!

Model Iyanna shot by Saige Thomas

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SLTV: So, It’s safe to say that the arts run in your blood! And probably why we at Style Lush TV were so drawn to you. I remember meeting you at a blogger event, and kind of seeing you here and there at events. The day you posted that you bought a new camera and were looking for subjects to shoot, I was the first to volunteer just to show support, and to be quite honest, I needed someone else to shoot for my blog that wasn’t my husband, who barely had the time these days. while shooting with you, I was amazed by your choice of location, the rooftop of Alamo City Studios, with the San Antonio Skyline as a backdrop. Then I was even more blown away by the quick turnaround with your edited photos. Right after we shot, I remember introducing you to Golden Skyy, who I just wanted to ask some questions about his upcoming fashion show, and you two exchanged cards. You then went to shoot your first fashion show and my jaw dropped when I saw the photos floating through social media. That’s when I knew that not only did you have raw talent, but you were the fastest learner I’d probably ever met. I shared the photos with my team and they were in awe. We ran into each other again at the 2020 African Market for Dream Week, and you met Burgundy. By then, you had shot with various subjects and models and you had gotten the gig to shoot exclusively for that event. As Burg and I walked to the car, I started getting the crazy idea. A few days later, the photos came out and I called to tell her “Saige needs to be part of our team”. Without hesitation, she said “I love her vibe and she is crazy talented! Let’s do it!”. And that’s the story of how you became a Style Lush TV team member!
ST: WOW! Are you serious? I had no idea y’all were watching me! Thank you!!

Jeanelly in first shoot ever with Saige Thomas

Models – (Left to Right) William Banks, and Serah Faulk (taken at Golden Skyy Fashion Show)

SLTV: Of course! And now our team is so strong because of it! Something really interesting I noticed, a friend of yours posted a comment in your post when you announced that you were joining us, saying something along the lines of never having seen a photographer come up so quickly! For me it all comes down to that raw talent, everything else can me learned. What do you attribute your rapid growth and the opportunities you’ve obtained?
ST: Thank you so much, Jeanelly! You honestly have been so instrumental in my growth from the very beginning. I told Burgundy, the other day, that yes it’s insane how quickly everything has happened but it’s also felt so organic and natural. Seriously, Jeanelly, you changed my life! So, thank you for opening the doors. When it comes to growth, I’d say that as soon as I got my camera, I decided to shoot every day. And after that first fashion show, it was like the bug bit me and I knew I wanted to do more shows and shoot more models and keep studying and honing the craft. I would attribute the growth to my dedication. I might be overworking myself, so I probably need to take more time to relax and rest because I now have a crazy schedule with my day job, photoshoots and editing until late at night, but I just love it so much. I also have really good mentors in photography. So, that has been very helpful.

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SLTV: Aw! Thank you for saying that! Well, you fit in so perfectly with the team. Our group chat proves it, lol! 
ST: Yes! You know, I’m very outspoken and joke a lot and I was hoping that the team would be cool and accepting. I’m so glad that I didn’t have to change or even tone down my personality. I know I found my tribe, I freakin’ mesh with these women!

SLTV: Yes!! Now that you’re officially part of our tribe, how does it feel to be running around with us? Also, what do you see for the growth of our company?
ST: I’m honored and humbled. I almost feel like NFL first round draft picks (laughs). The fact that you guys asked me to join, I’m honored and I LOVE it! I’m very dedicated to the things that I’m passionate about and I feel like my level of dedication aligns with the teams level of dedication. As far as the future, we are definitely making history in San Antonio and in Texas! It’s putting us on the map, for sure. I feel like we’ve been seen as the underdog, but no, because we have so much talent and the city’s growing and it needs to be seen.

Model Nubia at the 2020 African Market Festival by Saige Thomas

SLTV: Absolutely, so what is your ultimate goal as a photographer?
ST: I’d say my ultimate goal would be to shoot at New York, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks. The craziest thing is that it already starting with Texas Fashion Week! I wake up every day thinking, “the Universe is so good to me!” I am so grateful and pinch myself like “Saige, you’re doing what you love!” It feels f-n amazing!

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Expect to see more of Saige shooting at events and now offering photography services with our media packages at Style Lush TV! For more information, contact us via email at [email protected]

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Jeanelly Concepcion
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Originally from New York City, Jeanelly is of Dominican roots. Having lived in Puerto Rico for over 22 years, she now enjoys a highly successful fashion blogging career at TheFashionLotus.com. She is a Texas influencer and has been a freelance fashion contributor for Style Lush TV for several years. She believes in empowering women through fashion and helping them feel beautiful no matter what their financial situation, body shape, age or where they live or work.