Countdown to Our Top 5 Fashion Apps to download now!

Countdown to Our Top 5 Fashion Apps to download now!

If you’re a designer or stylist, chances are you will benefit from these 5 iPhone fashion apps. There are hundreds, if not thousands of phone apps that you can download to help you with your fashion needs, but rather than waste your time, we’ve chosen these apps to add to your fashion resource bank. If your are a fashion designer or stylist, then read this to the very end to find out what our #1 recommended FREE fashion app is to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends worldwide.

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#5 Pinterest 

No secret here, but do you know how powerful this app is? Pinterest is the perfect go-to app for inspiration when you’ve hit a mental creative block. From the moment you login to the endless tap and scroll features, you can pic from hundred to thousands of photos to help you create mood boards for personal styling, designing, and lets not forget photoshoot campaigns. Have you ever looked at these photos and tried to emulate it with your personal style? Hands down, Pinterest is like a fashion magazine without having to read all the text, and when you’re on a creative roll, you don’t have time to stop and read.

#4 Pantone Studio 

Every year, the fashion industry will put out the Pantone colors of the year and with the Pantone Studio app, it will allow you to build and create your own color palettes to test on materials & designs. You can use your camera in real time to take a photo of an object, material, etc., to build color palettes consisting of up to five colors. You can apply colors against different designs including clothing, interiors, and graphics. With this app you can create a cohesive color swash to use for designing your next collection or to help you chose your next seasons outfit colors. This app is subscription based, but a quality resources to have in helping you with color selections.

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#3 Prêt à Template

For beginner designer students, you will love this. Did you know you have the power to turn your iPhone or iPad into a fashion sketchbook? With the Prêt à Template you can accomplish your fashion design quick and efficiently without concerns of body proportion scale such as symmetry and dart positioning. With the touch of your finger or stylist, these templates are designed in a 3-way view for you to sketch your ideas, save your drawings and share your designs with one click. It also has syncing capabilities for you to start and end on multiple devices and includes a VGA cable for classroom projection or simply stream with Apple Airplay. This app is also subscription based and available with iPhone’s and androids.

#2 Fashion Design 

If you’re a designer, pattern maker, illustrator, student or passionate about fashion, this app is for you. The Fashion Design app is another useful app if you are a beginner fashion designer. With this app you can access over a 1000 graphic patterns of blouses, skirts, dresses, pants, jackets and jumpsuits. Arrange the graphics and use the pencil personalize your designs and save to your camera roll. Some of the features in this application are free, however you can pay to upgrade and accesses even more design tools.

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#1 VOGUE Runway

We know you love a great runway show and now you can watch for FREE in high resolution! This app is the holy grail of fashion apps and if you didn’t have it before, we hope you are downloading it now. With this app, you get unlimited access to fashion shows around the world from the global authority in fashion media within minutes after the models walk down the runway. You have the power to check out the latest ready-to-wear, couture, resort, pre-fall, and menswear collections from around the globe – including New York, London, Milan, Paris, and beyond, on your iPhone or iPad.

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For all you fashion entrepreneurs on the go, download these fashion apps now and stay tuned for more style news!

Kaia Dublin
[email protected]

Kaia is a Trendsetter Member of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative currently learning about online fashion media and content creation through its mentorship opportunity. A fashion and music entrepreneur who is local at heart with an international outlook, Kaia Dublin is a Texas digital influencer, and fashion blogger who enjoys expressing herself with trendy-chic looks for the women on the go! Kaia also has a background in behavior health, working with children and families with special needs. Most recently she has been modeling and styling campaigns for her local fashion community and enjoys her position with Style Lush TV as their Fashion Services Coordinator.