Personal Style: Can It Affect Your Mood and Business Aspirations?

Personal Style: Can It Affect Your Mood and Business Aspirations?

Are you someone who can work in pajamas or do you need to get up and get dressed to tackle your daily to-do’s? For the past several weeks we’ve all grown a custom to staying home and adjusting our daily routines to fit a new normal. When getting up and dressed felt like the first accomplishment of the day, some of us might be struggling to separate the boundaries between work life and personal life. With this in mind, we want to share some style psychology that shows that what you wear can have some affect on your productivity, future business ventures and how getting dressed might be great for a mental health boost.

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Does your mood affect your outfit selection, or does you outfit selection affect your mood?

Either way, there have been growing studies that show the clothing you wear can affect your mental and physical performance. According to a 2015 literature review in Social Psychology and Personality Science, five studies were conducted in which participants were asked to change into formal attire and casual clothing before cognitive testing. Those who dressed up in a business suit had an increase in abstract thinking, showing more creativity. The experiment also showed it was related to the feeling of power. Is this why they call it a power suit?

In another psychological study, a focus group of men were dressed in business suits while the other men were dressed in sweats. They played a game in which they acted out negotiations and closing out big business deals. The study showed that the men who dressed in business suits negotiated more deals while the men who were dressed down, showed significantly less successes.

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In today’s world, does dressing to impress still matter when it comes to our mental health and our work duties? Depending on your work environment, casual wear, business or a more fashion forward style, can still have an affect on the way we feel and how we execute the day. In a recent Harvard Law blog post, which touched on the subject of business negotiation, it stated that when you are trying to win over a prized client, it pays to show your respect by dressing in formal business attire or even the client’s products. In one example of this, UBS AG bank in negotiations during the initial public offering (IPO) of LuLulemon Athletics, staged a “flash mob” yoga session with 75 of its employees in New York Central Park, all of them dressed in Lululemon athletic wear. This act of style consciousness wooed the company’s business, over its competitors.

On another note, one’s style choice can have an affect on loosing business. In the same Harvard Law Blog post, a banker lost a deal with a shoe retailer when she realized she was wearing another competitor’s shoe brand. It had been too early for her to go shopping for a new pair of shoes before the meeting and quickly realized the blunder.

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Although style and negotiations rarely intertwine, it is still important to be socially aware of how it may affect the potential synergy for daily life and business strategies if you are interested in doing so. As the world evolves with diversity, it seems as though creativity and self expression is now a new found style and confidence that many are adopting. Whether your mood of the day or work duties call for a more relaxed style, or a more business formal style, social psychology studies do suggest that what you wear can have an affect on you and others around you.

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