Amazon is Taking a New Step in a High Fashion Direction, Common Thread: Vogue x Amazon

Amazon is Taking a New Step in a High Fashion Direction, Common Thread: Vogue x Amazon

Amazon has some major news today; they just launched Common Thread: Vogue x Amazon. The initiative is a dedicated digital storefront that provides support to independent high-end designers that are being negatively affected by the pandemic. It allows these brands to reach Amazon’s massive pool of customers and have access to its advanced fulfillment network. You can shop your favorite designer brands like 3.1 Phillip Lim, Edie Parker, Tanya Taylor, Brock Collection, Derek Lam 10 Crosby, Tabitha Simmons, and lots more.

Photo Credit: Designers for Vogue x Amazon

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“I’m thrilled to announce this partnership, and want to thank Amazon Fashion, not only for its generous support of ‘A Common Thread,’ but also for so quickly sharing its resources to aid American designers affected by the pandemic,” Anna Wintour said in a statement. “While there isn’t one simple fix for our industry, which has been hit so hard, I believe this is an important step in the right direction.”

The deal has probably come as a shock to some in the fashion world. Many luxury designers have long avoided Amazon, both because they don’t want to be associated  with an “everyday store” and because of a hesitance to have their high-end goods sold alongside cheaper “dupes.”

Photo Credit: New York Times 

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But now, the industry has been turned on its head. In a world where brick-and-mortar stores have shut down throughout the world in accordance with coronavirus lockdowns and online luxury e-commerce platforms, such as Net-a-Porter, have had to close their warehouses. Many designers now see Amazon as a viable way to sell their goods during this time. Amazon has emerged as one of the most popular retailers throughout this time, as more people are staying home, browsing online, and doing their shopping on the internet, positioning Amazon as one of the largest fashion retailers in the industry.

Photo Credit: Victor Glemaud Common Thread: Vogue x Amazon 

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The idea for the digital store stemmed from the “Common Threads”  initiative launched by Vogue and the CFDA last month. The first succession of the “Common Threads” grant program raised over $4 million for various designers, retailers, and garment manufacturers, to help keep them afloat amid the COVID-19 crisis. Due to this unprecedented economic time, Amazon is giving away $500,000 to the grant program in the hopes of helping the struggling fashion industry. This grant program is the reason behind the digital storefront idea. The partnership between Common Threads: Vogue x Amazon, now solidifies Amazon’s undeniable presence in the fashion industry which began with the start of Amazon Fashion Platform. The Common Threads shop could serve as a proof of concept that convinces other designers to consider Amazon as a point of the sale coming out of the pandemic. On the other hand, this could also be the beginning of high fashion’s slide down the slippery slope into Amazon’s waiting arms.

Photo Credit: AW20 Common Thread: Vogue x Amazon

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