An Inside Look Into The Animal Crossing Fashion Movement

An Inside Look Into The Animal Crossing Fashion Movement

People of all ages and backgrounds know or have heard of Animal Crossing. And if you don’t know, you must not be on social media. It’s inevitable because it’s everywhere you look. It’s all the craze on Twitter, where gamers are comparing islands and showing off their latest additions. On Tiktok, you see gamers sharing their insider tips and tricks for the game and on Facebook you see memes and news on the game. The Nintendo Switch title which launched in March at the start of the pandemic, quickly became popular among millions of gamers looking to pass the time and try to live a normal life virtually. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the fifth title in the series, takes the player to a deserted island that they can then build from the ground up. Like previous titles, players can interact with the cutest animal characters that move to the island and then play and share with real friends via the internet. It’s a game for everyone, and now especially for the fashionable creative minds.

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In recent months, our favorite brands and fashion designers have added their designs to the games with partners that are familiar with the Animal Crossing series that made its debut in Japan in 2001. It’s an unusual move, but it makes sense given the nature of the game and the cultural spirit among people eager to escape the stress of pandemic lockdowns, it presents a large potential audience. In addition, it keeps the brands in the public’s mind during a time where runways are being canceled. It’s the new wave; it’s the rise of digital fashion.

Here’s a look into some of our favorite Animal Crossing looks.


From Billie Eilish inspired looks all the way from the green locks to the casual slides you can be rocking the double G’s all day on your private island. Gucci has even brought out exact looks from their newest collections!

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Not only can you be decked out with the fabulous Fendi logo but so can your home. Talk about living the life, that looks like our dream home!

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For those who are looking for some stunning streetwear looks into what Valentino has to offer!

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Okay Kylie, we see you! Gamers can recreate the iconic Chanel look that Kylie Jenner sported just earlier this year.

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Get looks straight from the runways of Christian Dior! You will definitely be the most stylish on your island.

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As you can see the fashion world has no bounds. You can rock the coolest streetwear or the chicest threads from the worlds best runways. The designs are free, of course, but they could also fuel the rise of digital-only fashion. There’s already a desire to make a good first impression online, whether it’s in a game, social media, or a virtual zoom session. A viral outbreak just makes digital fashion all the more important — it might be the best way to express yourself when you can’t add real haute couture to your closet. The question is: will you be joining in on the Animal Crossing craze, and if you do, what designer will you be rocking?

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