Magazine Covers, Photo Spreads, Commercials and Campaigns are Getting a Whole New Look

Magazine Covers, Photo Spreads, Commercials and Campaigns are Getting a Whole New Look

During these restricted times, models and fashion brands are having to get creative in order to adapt. This social-distancing period has allowed brands to promote the new collection in a way that still maintains creativity on the site and feels true to the brand image.  Many brands such as Zara, Jacquemus, and Loreal Paris are taking advantage of this not so normal situation.

While fashion shoots are one of the biggest, and most obvious, areas of fashion to be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s by no means the only area of the industry that has been affected. The vast majority of brands have been forced to close stores and ateliers – with many donating factory spaces to produce hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment for NHS workers. Even live events and runway shows have also been put on hold for the foreseeable future. It was announced this week that Paris Men’s Fashion week is going digital for summer 2020.

It is more critical of what a brand actually does or doesn’t do. Branding reflects the sum total of every organizational action, set against the backdrop of culture, all of which reveals the true character of a company. Branding cannot be bought or sold. Branding is transformational. We have seen many brands have had to hit pause on new collections because of the coronavirus crisis, Simon Porte Jacquemus found a creative way to create his Spring 2020 campaign. Bella Hadid, who, like many of us, is working from home at the moment, has starred in the first fashion campaign shot via FaceTime.

Photo Credit: Bella Hadid Instagram

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For the Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2020 campaign, designer Simon Porte Jacquemus and photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti worked with Hadid entirely over the phone, in order to shoot a series of images. This campaign titled “Jacquemus at home”, Hadid is modeling pieces from the spring 2020 collection that was shown last June, in celebration of the designer’s 10-year anniversary.

Photo Credit: Bella Hadid Instagram  

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You’ve also probably noticed that most shopping destinations no longer feature models, and instead are using only product images. While scrolling online, which is how I noticed that Zara was still shooting on models. But instead of studios, it appeared that the models were in their own homes. As studio photoshoots have been put on hold for the foreseeable future, the Spanish high-street retailer sent product samples to models’ homes for them to self-shoot the new collection to bolster engagement beyond flat-lay images. This arrangement of photos can be confused for a very very well-curated Instagram page.

Photo Credit: Zara 

Zara is a brand known for its product styling, and so finding a way to continue to shoot on models during this social-distancing period allowed it to promote the new collection in a way that still maintains creativity on the site and feels true to the brand image. It also gives the campaign a more authentic feel, as not only did models not have access to the hair, make-up, and tailoring teams they would usually have access to, they also had to rely on the camera and lighting equipment that they had immediate access to.

Photo Credit: Zara 

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Eva Longoria’s latest campaign for L’Oreal Paris for example. The 45-year-old actress filmed a L’Oreal Paris hair commercial from her home in L.A. and did her own makeup for it, too! As she films the TV commercial created at home on a smartphone, she walks viewers through the steps to perfecting their at-home hair color using the brand’s Excellence Crème. The video—starring, filmed, and directed by Longoria—is even being turned in to a national TV commercial for the brand (Longoria is an ambassador). It’s the first hair color commercial ever to be shot at home on an iPhone.

Photo Credit: Eva Longoria L’Oreal Paris Campaign

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The way that brands are reacting through this pandemic is crucial because when the Covid-19 crisis eventually ends, consumers won’t begin searching for brands they hope they can trust. They will choose brands they already believe they can trust based on their creativity of getting through their consumers during these interesting times.


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