Our Top 5 Must Wear Summer Fabrics and Styles

Our Top 5 Must Wear Summer Fabrics and Styles

Summer hasn’t officially begun, but we can feel the heat rising even while staying indoors. Many of us have found new hobbies while taking on DIY projects around the house, but one of our top to do’s has been cleaning our closet to get ready for the summer season. While some consumers have taken advantage of the stay in place and passing the time with shopping online, others are being more conscious consumers spending more time researching before shopping to save a few dollars. To ensure your shopping smarter by choosing the right fabrics and styles appropriate for the season, we put together our top 5 summer must wear fabrics to save you time and money.


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#1 Cotton 

Image by Madewell at Nordstrom

No surprise here, cotton is one of the go-to fabrics for the summer season because of it’s durability and absorbency. Cotton is a staple fabric that is soft to the touch and provides all-day comfort. Spun into yarn or thread, this cloth is used to make breathable textiles of t-shirts, pants, and dresses, to name a few.

#2 Linen 

Image by Nohow style 

Another great fabric to invest in this summer is Linen. Made from the fibers of a flax plant, this fabric is known for its woven like features that most associate with a more island style. Like cotton, linen is a durable and breathable material that absorbs and dries faster than cotton.

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#3 Chambray 

Chambray fabric closely resembles denim; however, it is lighter in color, weight, and is woven differently. Unlike denim, which has a more thick and heavy texture, chambray is a fine and dense fabric offering the classic look of denim without the added weight. This textile is made from linen, cotton, or silk and is woven for a breathable, relaxed fit.


#4 Fresco 

Image by Velvet & Tea

Imagine wearing wool during the summer! I can feel the sweat already; however, fresco is a perfect fabric for the heat, especially if you’re looking for a more chic style for the office. It’s twisted open wool weave makes the material airy, and crease-resistance while still maintaining a polished look. Not sure how to shop for heading back into the office this summer? Always check the description of your clothing tag to look for this textile fabric.

#5 Seersucker

Image by Brooks Brothers 

The seersucker fabric is a cotton-based style known for its breezy quality and a unique name that fits its unique texture. Seen in a striped or checkered design that is woven in a way that threads bunch together, this fabric gives a wrinkled appearance that also promotes air circulation. It’s a casual, comfortable, yet chic style that can be worn day or night.

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With fast fashion on its continuous rise and the mentality of the consumer to purchase new trending items, we hope you’ve gathered some insight on shopping particular fabric types that will save you closet space and money in the long haul.

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