20 Black Texas-Based Content Creators We Should be Following Now

20 Black Texas-Based Content Creators We Should be Following Now

As we continue to witness small strides in the Fashion, Creative, and Arts world towards true diversity and inclusion, there still is a long way to go. Black Lives Matter is not a trend, but a movement that has been fighting for justice for years now. With the recent resurgence we’ve seen Hollywood, the music and fashion industries taking accountability for their lack of inclusion. Content creators are now speaking up as well and calling out companies for lack of opportunities, underpayment, and even unfair treatment in comparison to their non-black counterparts. As this helps the creative community take a step forward towards equality, we want to showcase the talented creative community that Texas has to offer. We know there are so many more than just 20, but these selections were our top out of a vast sea of Black, Brown and Afro-Latinx content creators we absolutely love and encourage you to follow for Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel inspiration in your feeds.

1. @Luxeandlabeless – San Antonio, TX

Photo sourced via @luxeandlabeless

Jonquil Alyse is a Content Creator out of San Antonio, TX. With her Neautral Tones and moody aesthetic, she makes San Antonio look like straight out of a vintage photo.

2. @sincerelyonyi – San Antonio, TX

Photo sourced via@sincerelyonyi

Onyi is a Mom & Lifestyle Blogger based in San Antonio, TX. The wife and mother of 2 is also a Psychiatric Physician Assistant who makes who shows us a balancing act with poise.

3. @simplychalpal – San Antonio, TX

Photo sourced via @simplychalpal

Chalice Ebow is a multi-talented creator, living in San Antonio, TX. She is a mother, actor, host, and lifestyle content creator.

4. @jadarashawn – San Antonio, TX

Photo Credit: Veronika Gant⁣ – Sourced via @jadarashawn

Jada Rashawn took her Nanny business to the next level from being featured as a regular on SA Live! to celebrating fellow nannies with the likes of the Gaines family. Now she has a new venture with a beauty line that celebrates textured hair, Jada’s Joe.

5. @aneutrallife – San Antonio, TX

Photo sourced via @aneutrallife

Jess is a self-proclaimed Plus-Sized Writer based in San Antonio, TX. She dedicates her work to telling stories about Black and/or Plus Sized Women and Fashion.

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6. @tally.dilbert –  San Antonio, TX

Photo sourced via @tally.dilbert

Tally Dilbert is a proud Afro-Latina Blogger out of San Antonio, TX. The Ecuadorian beauty became a sensation on Twitter as a UTSA student discovering the city of San Antonio.

7. @_celestealana – San Antonio, TX

Photo sourced via @_celestealana

Celeste Alana Brown is an Afro-Latina Blogger out of San Antonio, TX. Between trips to Puerto Rico and Public Service, this Community Organizing blogger shows no signs of stopping her work with Racial Equity.

8. @sweetlikeoyin – Austin, TX

Photo Credit: Tavian Deonte – Sourced via @sweetlikeoyin

Oyin is a Beauty, Travel, and Lifestyle Content Creator based in Austin, TX. The striking creative fell into our radar when we spotted her in a campaign for Fabletics.

9. @findingpaola – Austin, TX

Photo Credit: Jana Cantúa – Sourced via @findingpaola

Paola Mathé is an Austin & NYC based creative and entrepreneur. Aside from her colorfully curated feed, the Haitian beauty is also the Creative Director of Fanm Djanm, headwrap company that celebrates sisterhood, self-love, strength, and freedom.

10. @simplydaph – Houston, TX

Photo Sourced via @simplydaph

Daphne Bush is a Digital Creator out of Houston, TX. She is a published blogger who shares about Motherhood, Fashion, and Lifestyle.

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11. @thesportsbrat – Houston, TX

Photo sourced via @thesportsbrat

Dani Hunt is a Content Creator based in Houston, TX. She is not your typical creative as her niche is Sports, Travel and Lifestyle. She is also a podcaster with Belles of the Ball.

12. @lifeonabanjo – Austin, TX

Photo sourced via @lifeonabanjo

Laolu is a Lifestyle and Travel Blogger based in Austin, TX. She uses food and travel to inspire your vision. She’s been featured on Eater, as well.

13. @stylistmichellew – Austin, TX

Photo sourced via @stylistmichellew

Michelle Washington is a TV Style Expert, Fashion Stylist & GQ Insider based in Austin, TX. She’s been featured on FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC & Spectrum, and was a presenter at the 2019 San Antonio Fashion Awards.

14. @alittlealeja – Dallas, TX

Photo sourced via @alittlealeja

Aleja is a Dallas Based Model and Content Creator. The Colombian, Afro-Latina model shares her life, beauty, and fashion.

15. @curlybevvie – Dallas, TX

Photo Credit: Jaloni Weaver  – Sourced via @curlybevvie

Known as Auntie Bev, the Content Creator and Entrepreneur is based in Dallas, TX. Specializing in Mental Health, Beauty, Self Love & Natural Life, she’s also the CEO of NeoCurly hair products.

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16. @curlswithapromise – Fort Worth, TX

Photo Credit: Sopha Rush – Sourced via @curlswithapromise

Marlene is a Content Creator based in Fort Worth, TX. The Dominican creative shows us Lifestyle, Beauty and Curly Haircare.

17. @anapeli_ – Austin/San Antonio, TX

Photo Credit: Madison Taylor – Sourced via @anapeli

Ana is a photographer, creator, and entrepreneur in Austin and San Antonio, TX. The UTSA alum shares her casual style, clean beauty, and life stories and runs her ethical jewelry business, Lilliana Elizabeth, as well.

18. @whattaylorlikes – Dallas, TX

Photo sourced via @whattaylorlikes

Taylor is a Content Creator based in Dallas, TX. She shares her love of travel and vegan food through a colorful lens. She also shares more of her foodie adventures on What Taylor Eats.

19. @stephtaylorjackson – Dallas, TX

Photo Credit: Rebecca Beckley – Sourced via @stephtaylorjackson

Stephanie Taylor Jackson is a Dallas-based Content Creator. She shares style, travel, beauty, and lifestyle with a bun in the oven.

20. @hey_ciara – Houston, TX

Photo sourced via @hey_ciara

Ciara Johnson is a travel blogger based in Houston, TX. She shares her travels around the world and her experience as a solo female traveler with tips featured on Elle, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and travel sites.

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