Leadership takes on a whole new meaning in 2020. Here are some honest truths and some free resources for bosses.

Leadership takes on a whole new meaning in 2020. Here are some honest truths and some free resources for bosses.

What a curveball 2020 has tossed our way!

In light of the layers of unforeseen factors that have entered the arena, I’m sure that there are many bosses out there maneuvering the role of Leadership. Leadership in the past has had a sort of comfort zone associated with it. If you’ve been a leader for many years, you may have felt that this was a learned space of constant stress, a practice-makes-perfect type of skill. Leadership could at times, be a familiar type of overwhelming, with a sea of been there, done thats. It may have even been, dare I say it – instinctual. Stress was just a way of boss-life.

Then 2020 came.

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Suddenly, even the most experienced leaders were in uncharted territory. Working from home. A remote team. Response to social issues. Finances depleting. With the surge of the pandemic changing the world overnight, then the unavoidable economic crisis that followed, and then, the movement for social justice, every boss in the world suddenly looked like a deer in the headlights. Then, overall, these three factors brought even more unforeseen challenges from the effects that followed their initial presence. Today, when it comes to Leadership, the name of the game is no longer “Am I a leader”, today, the name of the game is “Am I a leader in the most stressful of times? Ever.”

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If you are out there and nodding your head “yes”, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. The decision making you have done during this year has not been easy. With life and society suddenly feeling like it stopped or turned directions – you were faced with what to do with “The Time”.

“The Time”!
A new and lingering monster on every boss’s shoulders right now. A constant reminder that keeps you questioning,

“How do I make the most of  “The Time”? How do I keep the company afloat? How do I make a positive change? How do I stay productive? How do I prepare for the light at the end of the tunnel, (which is most certainly going to come one day.) How do I… How do I… How do I…”

Bosses, you may have doubted your leadership skills. You may have felt like you failed your team at times or maybe you even questioned… well… everything.

Leaders. That’s ok.

2020 may have taken you away from what you love most. It may have shifted priorities in directions you would have never thought of. It may have even broadened what you do – for a living – right now. Rest assured, bosses all over the world are with you.

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In light of this reality, know that there are resources out there reaching out. Being a good leader means constantly educating yourself and doing what you need to do to stay healthy, not just for your company and team but for your body, mind, and soul.

Should you need some free resources to balance out the incredibly challenging times we are facing, take a look at Maestro Entrepreneur Center. They have a fantastic website and a particularly wonderful page called “Free Resources” under their Business Directory. The page offers free webinars on topics that matter most right now and is updated regularly.

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To start with, may I suggest this incredible webinar, “Remaining Mentally Strong in a Crisis and Beyond“. Offered in English and Spanish, guest speaker Dr. Kirleen Neely discusses mental wellness and how leaders in business can manage the stress of home and personal life, in the midst of the business-stress they carry. This session focusses on how to identify and manage your stress levels in the hopes of alleviating some of those anxieties and triggers that take you away from your mental and physical health.

Other types of webinars include:

Business Preparedness Kit

Original Webinar Date : June 17, 2020 | Recorded Zoom Presentation Link

While crisis management and contingency planning are more notable for their similarities than their differences, the key distinction is that contingency planning is all about preparation while crisis management is about response. This webinar covers how to better respond and prepare for unprecedented times when it comes to your business. Having the right tools in your business preparedness kit is key to stay ahead during challenging times.

Managing your Funds in the New Normal: Leveraging Financial Resources

Orignal Webinar Date : May 20, 2020 | Recorded Zoom Presentation Link

Password: 6l#[email protected]

As businesses reopen their doors for customers and we begin to discover the new normal when it comes to consumer behavior and business, you may recognize that your finances will look different as well. This webinar discusses finance resources as well as providing spreadsheets that you can take into account when managing your resources as we begin the recovery process of these unprecedented times.

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Funding Sources and other Nuggets

Original Webinar Date : April 29, 2020 | Recorded Zoom Presentation Link

Gain access to resources and understand where to begin when it comes to examining your cash flow.

Bosses, you’re a great leader because you’ve always known that you don’t have all the answers. Constant learning and placing yourself in the midst of those who know more than you is a sign of strength, intelligence, and growth. Take some time to know that you are not alone in this process and that many are out there ready to help you maneuver. We hope Maestro Entrepreneur Center is a wonderful starting point for you, and please, feel free to share other resources that have come in handy in staying healthy and mentally sound so that we can continue to support one another.

Stay safe out there and may we all continue to grow together.

The light is coming.


Burgundy Woods
[email protected]

Burgundy Woods has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music/Music Industries from the University of the Incarnate Word and a Design & Trend Forecasting degree from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. She began her career in Hollywood, California, where she worked for major record labels such as Virgin Records, Interscope Records, EMI Music and Capitol Records. Later after attaining her fashion degree, she was discovered by MySpace, Inc. and was immediately hired to be their Fashion Curator starring and producing her show THE B-SPOT Fashion & Trends on their Fashion & Shopping channel. During this time, online media was in its infancy. She and her colleagues contributed to the invention and molding of the online fashion media industry. Many of the stylized ideas and tools that were launched through these platforms are still used to this day as industry standards for online fashion media. Later, with her extensive experience in developing online fashion media, she continued the show independently and has successfully rebranded THE B-SPOT into Style Lush TV online fashion network. Now, with over nine professional years in online fashion media and trend forecasting, she continues to pioneer, maneuver and develop her industry. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Style Lush TV. She is also the President of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative. The state's official non-profit for the positive growth of the Texas fashion industry.