The Time To Educate Yourself Is NOW. Create Change. Podcasts That Demand Your Attention This Week.

The Time To Educate Yourself Is NOW. Create Change. Podcasts That Demand Your Attention This Week.

With the civil unrest brought on by the recent deaths of African Americans, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and most recently, George Floyd came so much anger, and with the anger came so much action. We are living in times where tough conversations such as racism, illness, privilege, and inequality are prevalent now more than ever before. We’re in a constant mix with news outlets and followers posting commentary opinions left and right and we need strong, intelligent voices to cut through the noise to provide honest cultural commentary and a factual analysis about our history and about where we can end up as a nation. With much research, we gathered up the following shows – all hosted by black writers, reporters, comedians, and educators who have been leading these difficult discussions on their platform for years providing us insight into the struggles of being a black American.

Before we begin, Style Lush TV staff would like to acknowledge the hardships of the black community locally and worldwide. We are here for you, we stand with you and we WILL continue to fight for a world that hears your voice and creates change.

Photo sourced from official Black Lives Matter Facebook Account. 

For information on how you can get involved read our last story HERE to find all the links necessary. 

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  1. Small Doses With Amanda Seales 

Listen to Small Doses with Amanda Seales HERE.

Hosted by actress Amanda Seales, known for her role as Tiffany on HBO’s Insecure as well as her stand-up comedy, Small Doses brings her signature sense of humor to the podcast. While Seales and her guests, which include Issa Rae, Kenya Barris, Sasheer Zamata, LeVar Burton, and Raphael Saadiq, engage in hilarious back-and-forths, they also tackle serious issues of racism, sexism, police brutality, and addiction, infusing tough conversations with humanity and wit. Tackling fire with humor is not easy, but Seales, who has a master’s in African American studies from Columbia University, and does it smoothly.

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2. Code Switch

Listen to NPR’s Code Switch HERE.

Code Switch is a podcast that tackles issues of race head-on. Race and pop culture. Race and sports. Race and politics. It’s the fearless conversations about race that you’ve been waiting for. Whatever the topic, hosts Shereen Marisol Meraji and Gene Demby dive into difficult conversations, bringing honesty and distinction to subjects including confronting racism among friends, “mixed-status” families who face deportation, the ban on cockfighting in Puerto Rico, xenophobia against Asian Americans, and a plan for reparations. This podcast makes ALL OF US part of the conversation — because we’re all part of the story.

3. 1619 with Nikole Hannah-Jones by The New York Times

Listen to 1619 by Nikole Hannah-Jones HERE.

Nikole Hannah-Jones recently won a Pulitzer Prize for creating this ongoing initiative, which reexamines the legacy of slavery in the United States (the title refers to the year, 401 years ago, that the first enslaved Africans arrived in America). Rigorously researched, well-written, and artfully produced, the show lays bare the often-overlooked history of black America.

4. It’s Been A Minute with Sam Sanders

Listen to It’s Been A Minute with Sam Sanders HERE.

It’s Been a Minute describes itself as “a talk show with a heart”—but it’s a show that also has brains and courage. Hosted by the wildly charismatic Sam Sanders, It’s Been a Minute features lively conversations with celebrities, writers, and other public figures. Each week, Sanders interviews people in the culture who deserve your attention. Plus weekly wraps of the news with other journalists.

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5. Side Hustle Pro with Nicaila Matthews Okome

Listen to The Side Hustle Pro HERE.

Side Hustle Pro is a podcast that focuses on Black female entrepreneurs and how they manage to juggle their corporate jobs while scaling successful and profitable businesses. The host, Nicaila Matthews Okome, chats with Black business owners who have followed their passion, and guests offer great insight into the secrets to their success. This podcast showcases how diverse Black female entrepreneurship can be and is also a great resource for those looking for Black and female-owned businesses to support.

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“Race and racism is a reality that so many of us grow up learning to just deal with. But if we ever hope to move past it, it can’t just be on people of color to deal with it. It’s up to all of us – Black, white, everyone – no matter how well-meaning we think we might be, to do the honest, uncomfortable work of rooting it out. It starts with self-examination and listening to those whose lives are different from our own. It ends with justice, compassion, and empathy that manifests in our lives and on our streets.” Michelle Obama in a statement following the harrowing death of George Floyd

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