A place for Art, Culture and Color. Meet The Artisan SATX!

A place for Art, Culture and Color. Meet The Artisan SATX!

These days, more than ever, it’s safe to say that we find ourselves in desperate need of joy and color in our lives. Spending most of our days either working from home, or on the frontlines, as applicable, the weight of the world is heavier than ever and we find ourselves scrolling through feeds trying to fill our timelines with a little cheerfulness. In our constant search for ways to support our local community, retailers, creators, and artists, we have the fortune to find truly talented people that do just that. In comes The Artisan SATX, a rainbow of color and culture that screams bring this joy home and support your local artisans! Meet the woman behind the collective, Sylvia Tijerina, and how she plans to continue to spread cheerful art through these dark and uncertain times.

Photo of Sylvia Tijerina. Sourced via Facebook

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SLTV: I’ve been stalking your colorful Instagram for weeks now and I was so intrigued! Tell us about The Artisan SATX.
ST: Yes! So, I have a brand of my own and it’s called The Funky Soul. I started that at around 2012. So, my husband is military and we lived on the East Coast for about about 10 years, though we’re from Texas. When we were transferred to San Antonio, we were thrilled! So, I already had The Funky Soul at the time. I’m a mixed media artist and I’m also a graphic designer, so I’ve always been a sort of maker and creator. In 2018, I decided to open a store and that’s when I ended up in Southtown, in the Arts District, which inspired me to name it Tha Artisan SATX. It’s always been my dream to own a boutique that was different. So, I incorporated a lot of fun, colorful, funky and vintage products that were crafted by me or by other artisans. We have about 5 or 6 local artisans that consign with us. We carry their art, either original, prints, clothing, jewelry, and even natural bath products. We try to change it up every few months, plus we carry my own brand as well.

SLTV: That’s so cool! I love the collaborative/collective vibe behind it. How do you select your artists to showcase and house?
ST: I like to have a cohesive theme. A lot of what we carry is very bold, very colorful. I like to describe it as Mexican Bohemian because I am Hispanic, I’m Mexican-American and I love our culture, the textiles and the whole look of it, but I also love a vintage bohemian look and I feel that it’s a really good mixture!

Photo Sourced via The Artisan SATX

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SLTV: I love that! I had a whole Boho thing going on all through undergrad during my University of Puerto Rico days and was a self-proclaimed Island Gypsy, lol. Of course, I imagine being a Latinx in San Antonio it’s easy to tailor your shop with that vibe and it is very well received. What would you say is your high season?
ST: Oh, definitely! I would say that the peaks of our seasons are Fiesta and the Holidays. Fiesta more so, because of the clothing and accessories being so colorful, and very on theme with Fiesta, with a lot of embroidery and such, so we get a lot of traction during that time.

SLTV: That makes perfect sense! Everything I see on your social media is so colorful and happy and I just wanna swing by to get a dose of colorful inspiration!
ST: Yes, you should! And we have an amazing mural on the side of our building made by local artists in May of 2019. It’s so beautiful! People love to take photos of it and in front of it, we get a lot of tags. We actually even made it on the cover of the Old Navy website because of a photo someone took in front of it. We’ve been featured on San Antonio Magazine, as well! It’s just a beautiful mural made in a Mexican Otomi pattern with really bright colors and it was painted by a local artist, Angélica Sánchez, who happens to be from Puerto Rico as well!

Photo Sourced via Artist Angélica Sánchez

SLTV: I actually know her and remember when she posted the finished product. It really is really beautiful! Wow, I miss going to downtown and Southtown, I will definitely be doing a drive-by to see it myself. I know a lot of people feel the same as I do when it comes to visiting and shopping in person with the rise in COVID-19 cases in San Antonio. How has the Pandemic affected your business?
ST: Well, I was kinda worried because we only been around for about 2 years, but it hasn’t been all bad. We did have to shut down because we didn’t really know what the outcome of this whole thing would be. We bumped our online presence, we started curbside pickup, and I think we were really lucky because a lot of our customers are still loyal and that’s what’s keeping us going. The online and the curbside is doing really well and our sales have been consistent! I did start to open just on Fridays and Saturdays and the cases increased again, so we had to shut back down, so we’re just sticking to online and curbside for now.

Photo Sourced via The Artisan SATX

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SLTV: Well, I’m very happy to hear that! I really believe that we need some joyful and colorful art in these dark times and you holding that space for those artists and for yourself, as well, I think is really important. San Antonio has so much to offer to the world and the fact that Fiesta had been postponed and possibly even canceled, so your space serves like a micro version that we get to take home with us. What is your hope for the future?
ST: I do have a lot of hope! You know, 90% of our products are handcrafted and between clothing, shoes, jewelry, art, and even a line of Consuela Bags out of Dripping Spring, TX, and now with the demands of face masks, my goal is for people to see what I see. Whether it’s my creations or other artists, I feel so blessed and honored to have the opportunity to do this, on a personal and professional level. We just want to be more involved in our community in San Antonio and continue our Markets, that we actually have had on first and Second Saturday in our parking lot, and support vendors, creators, artisans, etc. My big picture goal is to spread happiness, color and cheer with art and to let people know about us and that we’re there for San Antonio. We want you to find unique items that aren’t mass-produced, that speak to the Latino culture that’s what The Artisan SATX is.

Photo Sourced via The Artisan SATX

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To learn more and shop with The Artisan SATX, visit TheArtisanSATX.com and be sure to give them a follow on their Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

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