Crème de la Crème Wellness is America’s First Vegan Spa Franchise

Crème de la Crème Wellness is America’s First Vegan Spa Franchise

2020 has proven to be a highly stressful year in the world. While we are all finding different ways to manage and contain our anxiety levels with the uncertainty of these unprecedented times, it seems that many are turning to a holistic health and wellness approach. There is no doubt that the beauty industry has taken a hit during this Pandemic, but spas across the country are taking safety measures into their practices and welcoming guests with open arms as we continue to seek ways to get through the stressors of today’s reality. Crème de la Crème Vegan Wellness is a holistic wellness spa founded in San Antonio, Texas in May, 2018 by Leandra Helal, an entrepreneur and professional physical therapist who decided to take matters into her own hands and grow a business to be proud of. While the concept of a Vegan Health & Wellness Spa is relatively new, Helal has managed to create the first franchise of its kind. Get to know Crème de la Crème, what they stand for and how they plan on revolutionizing the industry.

SLTV: Tell us about the concept behind Crème de la Crème Vegan Wellness.
LH: As America’s 1 st Vegan Spa Franchise, we aim to be in every neighborhood giving American’s a chance to say, “Bonjour Wellness” and make a higher choice. With the first location-based in Cibolo, Texas, we grew a loyal clientele with a focus on eco-friendly, quality products, and educated estheticians with years’ experience (differentiating between competitors). We’ve recently launched our new brand look and are ecstatic at the second location opening in Garden Ridge.

SLTV: Why did you decide to handle exclusively vegan products and wellness practices?
LH: After a childhood health scare, I learned the power of clean, organic living. Most people focus on their diets and disregard that the products used in our daily lives can be just as toxic as poor food choices. Vegan products became the center of the Crème de la Crème value system. From global warming to the current global pandemic, we are constantly learning as a collective why we must return back to basics to restore our planet and have maximum health. Self-care is the new health care. Holistic practices are a form of preventative medicine, such as frequent massages and reiki healing. We are spiritual beings living a human experience and we must learn to care for oneself through body, mind, and soul. We can learn a great deal of ancient wisdom from Native American’s to East Asia on rituals that are based on wellness techniques using natural ingredients that can restore our balance. Everything we do is connected. For example, most products on the market often contain toxic chemicals. So often in our cleaning routine or skincare rituals we use products based on false marketing or loyal consumerism and neglect to make the connection. The chemicals in these products are absorbed into our bloodstream and ultimately create other side effects. We have to take our power back as consumers, read the labels and ask the questions. Our quality of life immediately improves once we literally “clean up”.


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SLTV: How has the reception been in Texas? Do you think Texas has been accepting of this concept?
LH: Clients love the concept and most importantly the quality of service. We pride ourselves in being the best of the best at this market level and love the work we do. Healing clients through wellness is one of the most rewarding aspects of this industry. Texas is a prideful state that has high standards. There are several clients in Texas whether natives or transient that are hungry for our services. It’s common to see clients travel from Austin and beyond to experience Crème de la Crème. What we have learned is the country and the world is constantly seeking sustainable, vegan businesses that stand for something more. Progressive businesses with a cause are very popular with millennials and those who are focused on voting for the planet they desire to live in with their dollars. It’s all about the conscious choice.

SLTV: What are your most sought after services? What is your favorite wellness trend in 2020?
LH: Customized massage and facials are what we are known for. Clients love to pick and choose from our specialty upgrades based on their needs or goals. We offer vegan wax services using Jax Wax from Australia, which is also very popular. There are so many exciting wellness trends always popping up in the market. We love burning sage to release toxins and negative energy (we sell fresh sage in our spas), reiki for healing trauma/energy blocks, and crystal therapy for chakra balancing (we offer these services at Garden Ridge). We will be launching our exclusive Crème de la Crème Vegan product line soon, which will include all the wellness top items and more!

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SLTV: You recently opened a second location! Congratulations! How has the COVID-19 affected the business?
LH: Thank you! We are thrilled to be in Garden Ridge, with a beautiful space, and offer yoga classes. This is an unprecedented time for the entire world. Every day is different, we have seen it up and down in Texas as the government orders have changed week to week. We take health and safety very seriously at our spas and are so grateful for our clients trusting us during this pandemic. Especially now more than ever, the uncertainty and stress can have a serious impact on our health so massages and holistic therapy can be incredibly beneficial. We are happy to help our clients get through this. We are in this together!

SLTV: Due to the climate these days, stress is a major factor in our health. What tips can you offer to reduce stress and increase our overall well-being?
LH: Balance is everything. It is recommended by Dr. Mark Hyman (and many other preventative healthcare physicians) to focus on a clean diet, consistent intakes of Vitamin C, Zinc, multi-vitamins, and quality sleep which are essential to a strong immune system. Massage and other holistic practices can aid in the release of toxins, stress removal, and overall detox keeping you in balance and focused. Mental health can be critical so anything that provides you a sense of a calm, like burning incense, yoga, meditation, quality time with loved ones, or curling up with a good book would be an excellent choice.

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SLTV: How do you think this Global Pandemic will affect how we do in-person business? How can the wellness industry pivot during these uncertain times?
LH: Consumers are highly sensitive to the risks of the pandemic and there was certainly a change in face-to-face, physical contact business. Crème de la Crème staff and the entire wellness industry have taken all preventative measures by practicing and providing self-care. This could very well be the new standard across the board. Ensuring high levels of consumer confidence is key to success. Any self-care practice is always going to be needed and desired by consumers. There is a quality of life that self-care offers and is a huge contributor to what keeps us feeling good. As professionals in the wellness industry, we need to stay on top of the trends and contribute to a positive society. The market will get more competitive and that is why it’s essential for businesses to raise the bar for quality products and customer service. We understand marketing is key, but right now it’s more of a focus on loyal clients and staff being satisfied and well looked after. The main teaching of COVID is to not take anything or anyone for granted.

SLTV: What are your hopes/plans for the future?
LH: As a new franchise we are focused on expansion. We will be launching our exclusive retail line in the near future and are talking to some exciting eco- friendly and vegan potential partnerships. We will continue to add value to our clients’ lives and support our mission.

Photo sourced via Crème de la Crème

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